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    I want to have to separate stacked columns listed for each quarter of data - Obi Wan you're my only hope!

    Hello! Below is my data and the accompanying graph. I've looked across forums (including MrExcel), YouTube, and MSFT help pages and I can't seem to figure out how to separate the stacked column 'ANZ' data from the 'APAC' data. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ALL THE DATA STACKED IN THE QUARTER!!! My...
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    Column Chart - columns overlapping Y axis

    I have eight data points in a column graph, ranging from -13.9% to +4.5%. The Y axis of zero is in the middle of the chart. The columns overlap the Y axis, and this overlap grows as the column width is increased. At a 1 column width, there is no overlap. At a width of 5, there is a light...
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    Second data series type to a bar graph

    Hey all, I'm having an incredibly frustrating problem with adding a second data series type to my already established gantt chart of lab data. Essentially I want to add a target line to the graph so the guys know a deadline for the work graphically. Unfortunately the process doesn't seem to...
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    2007 Conditional Formatting Column Graph

    Hello everyone! I have a dynamic chart. Simple column graph. That's all working as expected. Now what I would like to do, is to color the column red if the score for that week is below X-value. Let's say 85%. So, if the score for the week in cell B5: >=$B$5 Green <$B$5 Red How can I do...
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    How to Make a Pre-made Graph Appear at Will

    Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to make a pre-made column graph reappear after it has been made by using a macro-recording and activating it with a button. Is this possible? Also, are you able to make the same graph disappear again also using a macro recording associated with a button...
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    Macro: "Moving Column" graph

    Hello, I have an excel macro question. Basically, I need a macro that will allow me to shift the data range of a column graph down 1 row. Each time I run the macro, I want the graph to shift its data range down another row. Here is a little background: I have a large amount of numerical...
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    How to set up data for a column graph

    hello, I have 3 factors in my data: 12 competencies, each with percentages. I would like to put these competencies into a column graph, with a legend that is color-coded for "high," "mid," and "low" percentages. I have tried several different ways to set up the data, but none of them are...

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