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    Formulas to make references independent-multiple sheets

    I am gonna try to make the question simpler (so only one reference is required) the actual sheet has 54 reference columns. Sheet 1 Column A: Agent ID Column B: Agent Name Column C: Agent Region Column D: Member ID Column E: Member First Name.... Sheet 2 Column A: Member ID Up till now i...
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    structured reference: using column name in header row to identify column

    folks, not quite sure how to present this properly. so bear with with me: 1. i have userform, and would like to do a calc inside the userform, referencing a cell in the xls 2. the cell is in the same row as the 'active cell', but it is in a different column and also, 3. since the xls is in...
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    Trouble setting a column range to a name in VBA

    Hi all, I need to set a name to a range (Col T in sheet1) so I can use it in an Intersect statement. I am sure it is an easy fix but I can't see it. Extracts from my (latest attempt) code: Dim FailureGroupCodes As Range FailureGroupCodes = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("T:T") I have...
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    Row Number and column Name in Vba

    Hi All, how can we get row no and column name of spreadsheet object in VBa. i want to check vaule of first cell of the column with a variable. Let Activecell = H15 i want to check value of "H1" on command button click event. please help. thanks
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    Pivot table values: renamed vs. original

    How can I determine which (renamed) values in the pivot table correspond to which values in the source data table? A simplified example: In the source table, the field 'salesperson' has values 1, 2, 3. In the pivot table, those values were renamed long ago to 'John', 'Sally', 'Dave'. How...

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