column names in formula

  1. DDRA Steampunk

    Need Workaround Help- New Table Features Mess Up Formula-Named Columns

    Hi :) I usually use a formula that automatically updates the column header to a new number when I insert new columns into my insanely huge spreadsheet. With the new table autoformats I can no longer get this to work. Rather than hand number 50 columns, does anyone know how I might get around...
  2. S

    SUMIF INDIRECT WITH COLUMN NAMES please help!!! urgent

    Hi all I am having problems with this formula: =sumif(indirect("Table1[Current],1,Table1["&$A31&"]")) the text within the square brackets are column names. $A31 refers to a cell that has the column name. I get the error message, you have entered too few arguments. I can't see anything wrong...
  3. P

    Column Referencing in Excel 2003

    Hi Everyone. Ok so I need to know how do I reference a column in a formula, but NOT by its letter E, F, D etc. But by its text or number in Row 1. My formula I've got needs to find a column with a particular text in, then take all values related with that column. Now I know you will say why...
  4. F

    how to disable table names/ column names

    can anybody please help me how to disable column names/ sub names in table in excel 2007. for example: =IF(OR(Table3[[#This Row],[ISSUE / RECEIVE]]="RECEIVE",Table3[[#This Row],[ISSUE / RECEIVE]]="ISSUE"),IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("BOARD",Table3[[#This Row],[MATERIAL]])),Table3[[#This...

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