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    Range lookup

    Hello Everyone, thanks for taking a look at my question. I need to create a macro that will "check" if a file contains certain heater information. Row 1 (sheet: File) contains header info example: FirstName, LastName, PhoneNumber..... however, sometimes these are in the wrong order or are...
  2. K

    Match 2 values in columns and reurtn yes/no

    Hi all, this is doing my head in. What I'm trying to do is: if name in A2 is in Sheet1!A:A and value in B1 is in Sheet1!I:I (same row) return Yes, otherwise leave blank. I tried different approaches using MATCH, VLOOKUP, IF but cannot figure it out. All my attempts do is return yes if A2 is...
  3. U

    need help with excell sheet to sheet macro or equivalent

    so i'm kinda new to excel and am having a bit of trouble with getting a row from "sheet 1", "sheet 2", "sheet 3" to ""sheet 5". the first part of this is locating text from column "U" then copying the entire row to "sheet 5". i have been this macro out but i can only seem to get it to work on...
  4. J

    Search through a column

    Hey All - newbie to the board and to macro programming, but not to programming in general. I'm currently trying to improve a macro that someone else wrote. It takes two lists of people (one old, one new), finds the matching entries by comparing ID numbers, then records any changes that have...

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