column separation

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    Column separator change in VBA

    Gentlemen, I have a monthly report that I need to update with fresh data from a CSV file, where the column separator is ";", I changed the parameter in windows (Control Panel/ Region/ Advanced settings/ column seperator), and when I open the CSV file manually, the columns are correctly...
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    VBA splitting column to a second file

    Hi all, I'm new to VBA and i'm really stuck. Any help is much appreciated. I'm trying to compare two columns in 2 separate files and split one of them into two files. "Trained" is a worksheet of all those trained in a procedure (both historical and currently employed). "Employed" is a worksheet...
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    Separation of fields into files

    Hi This is an easy one, but I'm newcomer to Excel and would appreciate some help. How do I separate an excel file into smaller files per column fields (i.e. zip codes, alphabetical names). I've checked the manuals and it may be TOO basic to mention. Thank you for your help.

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