column widths

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    Read and Write Column Width Function

    Since I constantly find myself tweaking column widths after running routines, I thought I would just write code that writes column code. Basically if a sheet is the way you want it, you determine the header row (just for commenting purposes) and run this to build code that figures out all your...
  2. Q

    Dynamically Changing Column Widths on Userform Listbox

    Hello all, I'm using a Listbox to display data from a table. I use a ListCount and an Offset to loop through the range and load each cell individually. In order to hide/show certain columns in the data, I am trying to dynamically change the column widths based on the value in a column...
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    Same column widths applied to all sheets in a workbook

    Hi all, I have got a printing project that I am trying to save days worth of time in. Currently I have a list of contents in 'Sheet1' (example below): <tbody> A B C D E 2016.2017 New ABC123 Yes Full 2016.2017 Old ABC123 No Half 2016.2017 New DEF456 No Half 2016.2017 New DEF456 No...
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    How to make Excel report width of columns(s)?

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro or function/formula to list & total a range of column widths. Having lots of columns with varying widths t'would rather not have to do it manually from each column's Properties. Thanks.... Max :)

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