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    Finding a column in function of a specific cell

    Hi all, I try to find the VBA code that would allow me to choose the ColumnWidth in function of a specific cell. here is the code of that cell Cells(12, a * 2 + 3) with a variable a that allows to put elements of a listbox in the same row in different columns with for each item a...
  2. J

    Set Excel columnwidth in Centimeters

    Hello, everyone, In range("a1"), if you input 3,I want the column("A:A").columnwidth changes to 3 centermeters, in you input 0.5, I want the columnwidth changes to 0.5 centermeters. Can someone here write the VBA code for me to make this happen, Thank you !!! (Different DPI can affect the...

    How to wrap a header across 2 columns

    I have 2 numeric columns . . . 99 (max) and 99.9 (avg). I want the header to span both columns. Can that be done? If so, how? Total Consumption ..12......3.1 ...9.......2.5 ..27......6.5 etc
  4. C

    way Columnwidths lost decimal point

    I have this code, all works fine until reach the 3th last row. if I debug all way thru, the right part of the row actually have the request format (as far as i know) for .columnwidths, I mean strCWidth have the format as follows "12.5 pt;10.5pt;50.3pt" but after hit F8 the value in...
  5. S

    autofit columns BUT for columnwidth to not exceed 40 ?

    I'd like to autofit columns but not allow the column width to exceed 40 (as some may be 255)... any ideas please? Here's an extract of what I have now: Dim lastCol As Integer Dim lastRow As Integer With ActiveSheet ' find position of entire table including...

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