1. X


    Hello I wnat to be able to copy and paste from one spreadsheet to another without changing column widths. For example. Spreadsheet 1 is set up with the widths of the colums i need. The other excel Spreadsheet2 I need to copy out the data from this into spreadsheet1 but im colums go back to...
  2. H

    Hide entire columns based on selected cells

    I have the bellow code Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, -11), ActiveCell.Offset(0, -20)).Select I need to hide entire colums that contains selected cells
  3. S

    Duplicate row data and transfer to column

    Hello, I've got a txt file with over 200+ entries that I want to convert into a table. How is it possible to have data formatted as the following: Name: Tom Age: 23 Name: Harry Age: 82 Into the following <tbody> Name: Age: Tom 23 Harry 82 </tbody> I tried data import but...
  4. R

    Is it possible to count number of appearances of a value in a table at different intervals?

    I have a table with numbers in 5 colums. I want to know how many times a number appears in a colums in the last 10 rows, 20 rows, 30 rows, etc. I can do it on one row with Countif but to replicate it to more rows is a very time consuming exercise. Any easier ways of doing it in Excel? Thanks.
  5. T

    Vlookup, changing columns & VBA

    Hello. Hope you can help me. I got the following issue. I like to do a VLOOKUP based on the column named price. But I have a problem. At work I receive different worksheets and the column "price" can be at a different range (like illustrated in the picture) I´m making a lot of VLOOKUP and...
  6. J

    Need SMALL with Multiple cratirias help

    I admit I am a bit stupid on this subject... I have a table with 7 different colums I need on colum H to retrieve the lowest value from colum G - as long as this is the lowest amongst the relevant rows Coloms A, B & C are the filtering colums, they all have to match I tried making colum H my...
  7. B

    VBA Excel Delete & Filter

    Can somebody help? I am using the below code to strip out columns of excess data that i dont require from one of our systems reports. This is currently working perfectly fine, however, is it possible to have it to filter row 1 in the new colums to save on that extra task and then filter on...
  8. T

    After Right/find formula then splitt to diffrent colums

    Hello, im making a big database and encountered a problem, currently very new to excel (1week) and hungry to learn more. i got this text for example "TEL 14-30/11 (113-57B)1122,1123,1124,1125" and ive splittet it to 4 colums, tel 14-30/11 113-57b 1122,1123,1124,1125...
  9. P

    Excel macro auto fil cell help, please!

    Dear! I need help with excel. I have a mail database with approximately 5-10 columns and 100 - 50000 rows. I sort them by postal code. After that I give them autofits in height and width. I add one row at the beginning. Now i should somehow need all the colums in the first, empty, row filled...
  10. M

    Add two columns together back to first and deleting data on second

    Hi! I am trying to add the numbers in column C (starting at C3 to C2000) with the numbers in column E and have the results go back to C. Ex: C3=C3+E3 Then C3=0 I have found this code online that I have adapted, but it doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens except that it tells me that I have a...
  11. M

    How can i put some rows in colums?

    Hi to all, I have excel like this <colgroup><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> <colgroup><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> 21005-2 </tbody> S,M,L <tbody> 3,3,3 </tbody> 21005-1 S,M,L <tbody> 2,2,2 </tbody> 45699 S,M,L,XL 1,5,3,0 </tbody> </tbody> now i must...
  12. C

    Hide/show rows with certain column data based on single cell

    Hi everyone, I have multiple Excel sheets with the following lay out: - Standard info till line 23 - Variable rows from line 24 to ... ? (different for each Excel) with 2 important columns, "Type" (= column B) and "Description". After these rows there are a few empty rows (possibility to...
  13. H

    Matching Value from one colum and presenting appropriate list

    Hey, I have a list of differnet sites having same site name but differnet site code. Now what I want to do is that when in the first colum I type A then in the second colum only the site codes of A should appear as a selection or drop down list. Same goes for B, C, D and E. A picture is attached...
  14. K

    Convert a single row to multiple rows with the same A column value

    Hello, I have seen a <acronym title="visual basic for applications" style="border-width: 0px 0px 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); cursor: help; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">VBA at...
  15. Qete_ARG

    Switch Rows/Columns

    First of all, let me tell you that I am re-posting this cause a member of the board cannot see the contents of the post that was posted a few days ago: In a previous post I didn't know how to explain what was my problem. I now know that what I needed to do was to switch between rows/columns (I...

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