combinations vba

  1. R

    Need Vba codes for the following

    i need vba codes for the below project. i have a list of 22 players from 2 teams like A B C Randy AUS BAT Bryan NZ WK John AUS BOWL Daniel NZ...
  2. A

    Possibility Matrix

    I have a question sheet which asks 4 basic questions. Then depending on the answers it gives the person a score. For Questions 1-3 the answer is a straight yes or no, then for question 4 the answer is Yes, no, maybe, not sure. What i want is a list of all combinations of answers so i can then...
  3. P

    List all combinations of players for matches

    Hi. I have a list of players in C5:C14. Not all cells in that range will always have a player name in it. In C16:D110 I'd would like to build the match linups. For example, on Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4 and Sheet5: C1: Player 1 C2: Player 2 C3: Player 3 C4: Player 4 C16: Player 1 D16: Player 2...
  4. R

    Help With Combination Generation

    I need help with generating all combinations of 9 columns/groups of text. I have a sheet called "dinneroptions" and a sheet called "combinations". On the dinneroptions sheet I have (with headers): (Col A) Drink Water Tea Dr. Pepper Coke Diet Coke (Col B) Appetizer Bread Cheese Fries Garlic...
  5. C

    Permutations of Set of Numbers in a Column

    I have searched all over the internet but am having trouble finding the answer to my problem. I would like to write a macro that will list the possible permutations of a column, in the column right next to it. For instance, see columns 1 and 2: <tbody> 1 1 Permutation1 2 2 Permutation1 3 3...
  6. B

    Recursively Generate Combinations

    Folks, I want to build a macro that will load up a VBA macro (permutations()) with all the combinations of x items from a list of y possible items. To start out, I'm trying for all combinations of 4 from a list of 10. I know that I can do nested for loops, but I want a dynamic macro. I'm...
  7. J

    Macro for combination of numbers that starts with a given sequence

    Hello everybody, From A1 to A15 there are numbers ("1" to "15"). In B1, there is number "4". The following code will create combinations of these 15 numbers, in groups of 4. The first combination generated is "1, 2, 3, 4". Sub Combinations() Dim rRng As Range, p As Integer Dim vElements, lRow...
  8. I

    VBA to choose line or column chart type for a series collection

    Hello! I am pretty new at using macros, right now I am bit stucked as I am trying to build one that changes a specific series in a series collection and change it to column type if it is in line type and vicerversa. I tried to do it with macro recorder, but it only changes the first series...
  9. montecarlo2012

    list with condition to generate

    how is possible to generate a list of numbers from 20 taken 6 at the time, this 20 numbers are taking from 1 to 53, <TABLE style="WIDTH: 528pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=704 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=11 width=64><TBODY><TR...
  10. C

    generate a list base on differences.

    Hello, I am newbie trying to find how to generate a list base on the differences of another list. let me explain; I have a list of combination A1:F2200 each row of course the numbers have difference, example: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 288pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; mso-padding-bottom-alt: 0in...
  11. B


    I'm trying to create a table of all posible combinations based on 4 values (8,4,2,-2) into 6 columns. An example is below of what the table should look like <TABLE style="WIDTH: 369pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=489><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 62pt...
  12. N

    Making Combinations in Excel

    Hi everyone, I have a problem. I need to figure out all of the combinations to match 7 numbers in 2 groups (one of 4 ppl and one of 3 ppl). There are 35 different combinations I can have, but I'm only coming up with 17 when I try to do it by hand. There has to be a faster way in Excel. The...
  13. K

    Making Excel List combinations

    I am trying to program excel to list all possible combinations for 14 Items, The combinations only use ten of those items and must allow repeating. I know that this is a massive amount of data. nCr= ((n+r)-1)!/(r!)(n-1)!, 14C10=((14+10)-1))!/(10!)(14-1)!= 1,144,066 possible combinations. I...

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