combo box event

  1. A

    How to add TextChanging Event to ActiveX Combobox?

    I have add Combobox to page. Dim Combo As ComboBox Set Combo = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.ComboBox.1", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=50, Top:=80, Width:=100, Height:=15).Object And I need to add TextChanging events to this Combobox, but how to do this?
  2. A

    Display Multiple Column Data in Listbox based on Combo Box selection

    Hello ! I am trying to fill a multi-column ListBox based on a selection on a ComboBox (being populated through RowSource property). I am having an issue because the code works but is only showing the first row of data found and not all of them. I believe its because its not in a loop, but not...
  3. G

    Combo Box Change Event Problem

    Hi Experts, I am using one of the sheet of Excel as DB (Sheet Name - Database) and another sheet as User Interface (Sheet Name - UI). The User as flexibility to search the data based on filter selection. There are 5 Combo Box filters. Everything is working fine. Apart from one unusual problem...
  4. W

    UserForm data to cell help...

    Hi, I have a UserForm with some combo boxes, text boxes and radio buttons. I need to change the location of the data in the textboxes based on the selection from ComboBox1. On the change of ComboBox1 I need to index a column to next. Value of A7 = column BD, Value of A8 = BE etc... Not sure how...
  5. U

    ComboBox repopulated based on another combobox

    Hi all, Need some help on this one. I am doing some work for a retailer that uses a Department, Class and Category hierarchy for their products. I populate the 1st combobox (cboDept) with a list of departments. Based on the selection made in this combobox, the 2nd combo box (cboClass) needs to...
  6. M

    Conditionally Show/Hide ComboBox Based on Cell Value

    Hi, I'm quite new to VBA, but I am attempting to get a Forms ComboBox to appear or disappear based on whether a certain cell (P7) reads YES or NO. P7 in turn updates in turn based on a user-selected value. As of now, the ComboBox only appears or disppears if I go back in and out of the formula I...
  7. D

    VBA ComboBox - What's so hot about the Change event?

    This thread is spawned from another where I am trying to work through some comboBox problems. It has been suggested that the Change event is the 'default' event or a comboBox or maybe the event of choice. I'm not real clear on what this means but it seems like there are problems concentrating on...
  8. E

    Combo Box & Radio Button reducing in size

    Hi, I have an issue with a combo box and radio button. Anytime I click on either of them, they reduce in size. It's as if it is reducing by the same ratio every time until you can't click on it anymore. Has anyone ever seen this happening before? I'd post a picture, but I'm don't have...
  9. A

    Combobox Invalid Property Value

    I have a UserForm I am working on where the user is to make a selection from a dropdown style combo box. The problem I am having is I only want the user to be able to make a selection from the dropdown and not input there own value. I have set the property: Match Required to True. Right now...
  10. J

    If combobox answer is no, show a new text field

    Hey guys and girls, I've learned lots from Mr Excel thus far, so thank you! I'm doing great building a VBA form to record in a worksheet, but I just hit a wall, so could really use some help! goes. I have a combobox and answers can only be Yes or No. If the answer is No, I need a new...
  11. K

    Adding multiple comboboxes to cells using VBA

    Hello all, I have created a matrix to help me priorities data collection of different datasets for a project I am working on. I have the same datasets listed horizontally and vertically so I have the same number of rows and columns. Within each cell the user the selects one of the two...
  12. C

    Add Item to Combox in Userform

    Hi All, I've searched here and googled but to no avail. I'm not to savvy on this VBA stuff but have fumbled around and created a Userform with a ComboBox and several other fields in an Excel Workbook. The ComboBox gets its list of Customer names from a range in a worskeet...
  13. K

    Combo Box Issues

    Okay, Access 2003, XP First, I have a simple 2 column table named "Products". Column 1, "Product_Name", has, you guessed it....a list of Product Names. Column 2, "Employee" has the Employees name that handles that product. Okay, so, on my form I have 2 Combo Boxes. Box 1 "Product Combo"...
  14. R

    Refreshing a ComboBox Issues

    Hi all, I am trying to populate an ActiveX ComboBox on an Excel spreadsheet with file names from a given directory. Currently I have a "refresh" button that users can click to refresh the drop-downs when they add new files to the folder. I would like to automatically do this. I have tried...

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