combo box validation

  1. M

    Drop-down box in VBA script

    I’m writing a macro that will take check registers downloaded from our accounting software and reformat them into the proper format so we can upload them to our bank’s positive pay system. We have approximately 30 different bank accounts that I have listed in a separate worksheet (let’s call it...
  2. E

    How to solve a fill range need in a combo box within a VBA code?

    Hello, hope everything is good! I will try to be the most clear with the goal I'm tryin to achieve: I have a Sheet1 where I would like to enter a given record with some information about Country; Transit Type; Incoterm; Forwarder; Currency info. This would be almost what I needed (it...
  3. P

    data validation combobox userform

    Hi, I'm completely new to Access! I would like to add some data validation rules on to a combobox.. The combobox is linked to a table called "options" with a field called "products" Userform is called: Tracker Combobox is called: ProductType ProductType must equal "products" within the...
  4. lumch


    Hello everyone, Honored to be here: a question.... I need a code to create a combobox that do this: 1. for example select GI esp. an then shows a list on a combobox a list of places that are specialist in this matter, but if I choose for example Radiologist it will show a list of places only...
  5. R

    URGENT; Combo Box; change list to new FY

    The combo box I have still lists only FY12 Months. I need it to move the FY13. Code of the UserForm is this..... Private Sub cmdProcess_Click() monthIndex = cboMonth.ListIndex selectedMonth = Chr(cboMonth.ListIndex + 68) selectedMonthText = cboMonth.Text isEMOHasRoyalty =...
  6. F

    Macro won't work properly when I protect my sheet

    Hello All, Background info: I am working on Excel 2010 and running Windows 7 (64 bit). I have a worksheet that contains a macro to create data validation combo boxes (which is pretty neat since it gives the users the autofill function). I did not write this macro, but rather obtained it...
  7. G

    ComboBox with Data Validation

    Hi - I found a macro that displays a Data Validatoin Combo Box using Named Ranges. Right now, it works on ALL cells in the worksheet that have Data Validation, but I would like to customize it to work on only 1 cell (F6). I've tried to define the Target Range as F6, but I must be doing sth...
  8. K

    Adding multiple comboboxes to cells using VBA

    Hello all, I have created a matrix to help me priorities data collection of different datasets for a project I am working on. I have the same datasets listed horizontally and vertically so I have the same number of rows and columns. Within each cell the user the selects one of the two...
  9. H

    Combo Box selection to populate Form

    Hello I am working on a form where when a selection is made from a combo box the next box is populated automatically from information entered earlier in a worksheet (GolferDB). Specifically when the last name is selected from a combo box the first name appears in the next combo box...
  10. C

    Add Item to Combox in Userform

    Hi All, I've searched here and googled but to no avail. I'm not to savvy on this VBA stuff but have fumbled around and created a Userform with a ComboBox and several other fields in an Excel Workbook. The ComboBox gets its list of Customer names from a range in a worskeet...
  11. M

    Combo Box Query

    Hi, I am using a combo box on a userform that is linked to a range in my worksheet. Currently the user can type what ever they want into the combo box, even if it is not in my range. How can i validate the combo box so that the user is only able to select an entry from the drop down list...

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