comma separating

  1. H

    Using SUMIF for multiple values separated by comma??

    I will have column information that will list entries like this: DD, DD9, SD, LHR, HIGHLIFT BOTTOM SECTION, DD, D9 DD, PVC DD, SD, LHR, HIGHLIFT Is there a way to run a SUMIF or other formula on these and separate the values from the commas? I am familiar with Text to Columns but I will be...
  2. S

    Inserting cell values into a sentence.

    I have a question regarding inserting cell values into a sentence. Lets say I have the following cell values A1= 1,200,000 A2= 34.5267% I have the following formula in a cell ="The value of cell A1 is "&A1&" and the value of A2 is "&A2&" respectively" My issue is when I use this statement I...
  3. D

    Find only numerics after a special character and separate with a comma

    Hello, I'm new here, but I have reviewed dozens of responses regarding the title of this post. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the results I desire. I am looking for numbers that appear after a special character, I only want to retain those numbers and I want to separate them with a...
  4. D

    Sum frequency based on adjacent cell with separated by comma

    Hi Guys, I download an excel file of survey answers on a monthly basis for a report. Each line item is an unique entry. For a particular questions (multiple select): example: Which fruits do you eat: A / B / C It puts all the answers into 1 cell separated by commas. Example "A, C" or "A" or...
  5. D

    Comma separating two comulns of text

    Hi all, This form has been really helpful, thanks! But, I have one question I couldn't find answer to. I have a list of links in column A which I want to copy in B twice, adding a comma in between. For instance: A ---------> B --------->,
  6. C

    Formatting comma-defined integers into one-cell-per-value in Excel 2007

    How would you move the data {36,74,93,53} to one value per cell, please?
  7. L


    Hello XL Experts, I am in need of your assistance for my problem in excel, and i hope you can help me out. Here is the scenario: I have 2 worksheets in a workbook one worksheet (Sheet1) has data corresponding to the date and the other worksheet (Sheet2) is where i need to extract no. of...
  8. A

    splitting cells based on commas

    How do I split a series of cells based on commas? There is a series of data in 2 consecutive cells, with the data in each cell corresponding to the data in the adjacent cell. I need that each pair should be lined up in separate columns. Here is the example: I need to match up the SKU with the...
  9. C

    concatenating formulas and getting thousand separators

    I'm trying to get thousand separators to show up in my formula...the original cell (B11) has them, but they don't show up in the text result of the concatenation. HELP! =CONCATENATE("The two-way average traffic for your location is ",'Ad Calculator'!B11," vehicles. That's ",'Ad...
  10. C

    AutoFilter with Commas Seperating Data

    I am trying to have an AutoFilter column that can identify data seperated by commas. e.g. one cell contains 'red, pink, new york, boston' and another cell contains 'london, blue, red' 1) I want it so that you can choose 'red' in the header and both rows are shown and if you choose 'boston'...
  11. B

    Very stupid question...

    I have a list. In column A1, there's a name. In column A2, there's a name. There are names all the way down to column A116. I would like instead of a column of names, just one cell with all of the names is column A to be separated by a comma. So, if my list was: Column A Mr. 1 Mr. 2 Mr. 3...

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