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    VBA code also clears clipboard

    Hi I have some VBA code that basically checks if there's an error message in cell M58, then display a Command Button "ClearError1" Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() On Error Resume Next If IsError(Range("M58").Value) Then ClearError1.Visible = True 'Else ClearError1.Visible = False End Sub...
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    Reducing the width of command button

    Hi, i want o make some command buttons on a sheet with the width 50 and when you move the mouse over to any one the width of that one should increase to 300. when you move he mouse over to the other one the size of the previous one should return to 50 and the new one (now under the mouse) should...
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    command button disable userform

    Hi, I am a novice and any help would be appreciated (ive been working on this for 2 days) I have a book that is going to be used to track sales. Currently It works awesome and I have a simple userform that has 4 text boxes and 2 combo boxes. Also it has 3 command buttons (one to save the data...

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