compare alphanumeric

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    Compare number to string

    I need to compare a number to a string in which i only compare the number to the number in the string. For example I have a "control" number in some column that needs to be compared against the numbers in all of the other subsequent rows in that column Ctl # 0.17 Rest of col 0.16 J 1.1 0.20 J...
  2. A

    Comparing and Sorting strings within the same row.

    Hi, I am trying to write a macro that will take two strings, check to see if they both contain the relevant information I am looking for, and then cut/paste the string with the largest "value" to a cell within that same column. I.E. I have a URL (column A) and a Printer name (Column B) in row...
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    compare alpha numeric

    Hi, I have some data in alfanumeric form which i need to compare. DF4 DF14 DF15 AG12 AG15 AG5 is there any way to compare alphanumeric in excel or any method to extract number from given value and compare Thanks

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