compare dates

  1. A

    VBA Code to compare Dates, then run macro to match colums

    Hi, Hope I can get some help with adding code to loop through the dates in column A of Sheet1 & compare them to the dates in Column A, Sheet2. If the date on Sheet2 is greater than Sheet1 run the MatchColumns macro. Sheet1 accumulates jobs with recommendations through out the year. Sheet2...
  2. M

    Compare several dates in row and display the most recent date

    First I am sorry if this has been asked previously but I could not find anything that helped me out. I have a spreadsheet that is about 500 rows and part of it includes 8 columns representing the last 8 years. In some of the columns there are dates and others are blank. I want to compare all 8...
  3. C

    Need Fiscal Year/ Calendar Year matching days formula!! Please help!!!

    I work in grant budgeting and need to calculate fiscal year budgeted amounts based off of calendar year budgets. Usually the amount of calendar year days hits multiple fiscal years. See below; <tbody> Calendar Year Total Days Fiscal Year Total Days Days in CY 365 350 0 715...
  4. M

    Compare date in a cell to TODAY and have msgbox if date is in the past

    Hi All, I have a cell in my sheet where the user will insert a date. If this date is in the past i would like a msgbox to open and inform them of this. I feel like this should be really easy but i just can get it working. Thanks in advance for any help, Mike
  5. B

    Date comparison in excell

    I have a table that has 14 tabs. One for each of the months and 2 summary pages. On each of the months tabs I have data in cells G9:G18. On one of the summary pages I am trying to pull said data into it from the 12 months tabs, but only want the previous months and the current months data...
  6. W

    Flag several duplicate columns that occur within a 3 day range.

    Hi, I have the following named Ranges Activity ID Numeric, Unique --Key Field Customer Name Name Customer ID Numeric, Ticket ID Numeric ClosedDate1 Date AgentID1 FLast SCIP Event Yes / No What I am attempting to do, is Flag...
  7. G

    Checking date ranges

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet which contains a list of bills, such as Gas, Electric, telephone etc., each of which is payable on a set day each month. The spreadsheet lists these bills in the first column, and then has a column for each week of the year, with Monday as the first day of the...
  8. B

    Expirity Date Compare

    Hello Again, I want macro to check the expiry dates. Range (H2:H12) has the expirity dates of listed drugs. I want code to check the expirity dates and if it is less than 60 days left highlight the date and drugname (which is in B column) in bold and green. If it is less than 30 days left...
  9. pedie

    Compare the dates: if <> then run my code: Please help: Thank you.

    Hi, What I am looking to achieve is that if any of the date in range D:D of activeworkbook = date in k2 of book2 then exit sub or run my code. With thanks Pedie:)
  10. F

    Formula to Make Overdue date record highlighted in field

    I have created a spreadsheet for samples In and Out of our shop. I have the following fields:- <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 342pt;" width="455" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 67pt;" width="89"> <col style="width: 81pt;" width="108">...

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