comparing dates

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    Comparing due dates with completion dates

    Hi there, first time poster here. I'm sure there is a simple solution here but I hope someone in the group can help me. I built an application that tracks requests made by clients. When we receive a request, a due date is generated. When our agents submit their work, the date of completion is...
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    Comparing two columns with dates using conditional formatting

    Good Morning, I am looking to compare two dates in columns F and I. If I is more than 3 days after F then I would like it to have it change colors. I have tried everything but have been unsuccessful. Please help! Thank You. Erin
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    Comparing a date on sheet with a date in textbox

    Hi All! I have a little comparison on a userform: If TextBox72.Value = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "AJ").Value Then msgbox "Dates are the same" else msgbox "Dates are different" end if Where both textbox72 and Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "AJ").Value are dates. The problem is that it is returning...
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    VBA Help on Date Validation that compares on the date today and will be highlited

    Im using Excel2007 and i have a sheet and a button that checks or compare the date i enter with the date today example Name sex validation today doms male 03/30/11 04/26/11 nicas fema 04/26/11 04/26/11 congi male 04/29/11 04/26/11 then if the date today and the date of validation will be...
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    Comparing Dates

    Hi… <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I am comparing two dates— the first date is the current system date and the second date is in column G starting at row 2 through row x. I need to determine if the system date is past the date in Gx or...

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