1. andrewb90

    #Name? Error in select versions...

    Hello All, I've been going through my workbook to make it compatible for older versions, and one of the issues it flagged was saying that one or more functions isn't available in earlier versions and and will display a #Name? instead of the result. Here is the only formula (filled down x 100...
  2. andrewb90

    Formula update for earlier versions of Excel

    Hello All, I have a couple formulas that have been created in 2016 and I need to see if there are any ways to easily convert it to an older version. I have several variations of this formula, so any assistance making this change would be greatly appreciated...
  3. M

    excel 2013 to excel 2010 formula

    Hi Everyone, I had created a form using excel 2013 but now need to recreate the same form in excel 2010. I have just about finished, just copied and pasted all the code over. There is one formula (so far that worked in 2013 but does nothing now so was wondering if there is something I need to...
  4. J

    VBA Web Scrapping Compatibility Issue ? Run time Error 5 on one computer but not the anyother

    I have a Thinkpad and so does two of my other co-workers, the other has an HP and we all have the same version of Microsoft office. This VBA Code works perfectly on all the computers expect one, the HP. I turned the text below red that is coming up and causing an error. Private Sub...
  5. T

    Run Time Error 5 (Excel 2013 Compatibility Issues?)

    Hello, I created a macro for my work that seems to be working just fine, until a different version of excel gets to it. The Macro was created in Excel 2013 but when its ran in 2010 it hits a runtime error 5 message. Is it something with the coding or is it a compatibility issue? The macro is...
  6. B

    VB Compatibility Issues with Mac

    I have a question about compatibility of VBA code between the PC and Mac. I have several scripts that I am using successfully on my PC at work, but when I try to run them on Excel 2011 on my Mac at home, they error out. I'm assuming this is a Mac issue, and not an issue with compatibility...
  7. P

    Compatibility Issues betwee Excel 2003 and Excel 2007! BEWARE!

    It is possible that at least 1 person is aware that I have been struggling with data integrity issues when translating files from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 for the last several weeks. One issue that we have identified today is that if the 2003 Workbook contains named ranges, each range name...
  8. H

    Insert Object Macro 2003 v 2007

    I have a macro which is assigned to a dropdown box. It deletes the current photo and inserts a new one based on their selection in the dropdown. All the photos are different shapes and sizes but they all need to load into a certain place in the sheet. The macro works like a dream in 2003 but in...
  9. D

    External References working in Excel 2003, but not Excel 2007

    I have created a Summary spreadsheet that uses external references to obtain core data from a CSV (comma separated values) file, as well as using VLOOKUP's to do translations of abbreviations from the CSV file via an external reference to another Excel workbook containing a table (column A is...
  10. C

    run-time error '1004'

    I've been using a financial analysis program, LseMod, for many years with xp sp(3) and excel 2003. I just bought a new computer with windows 7 and excel 7, and now the program won't work and starts with the error message "Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the DrawingObjects property of the...
  11. R

    How to deploy EXcel 2003 Pivot Table format in Excel 2007? Please Help!

    I am very much comfortable with Excel 2003 Pivot table. But i am using Excel 2007. The problem with excel 2007 pivot table is for each Row Position is not showing in Seperate column (only tab space is coming). If i try to copy & paste the Pivot table in a new sheet, then each row is not copied...
  12. M

    Excel 2007 graphics

    Hi I produced some spreadsheets in an earlier version of Excel. These included both text and graphics. However, I recently upgraded to Excel 2007 (running on Vista). I now notice that the graphics viewed on the screen are much larger than before whereas the text is unchanged. It is not a major...

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