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    Help with a fighting simulation

    Hi! I'm developing a system in which I need to pit participants against each other. For that, I have a list with 4 participants like such # | Participant name 1 | John 2 | Michael 3 | Erik 4 | Dennis I need to create a table that automatically shows each match, as such: John | v.s.| Michael...
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    Tipping Competition

    Hi, I am creating a 'Tipping Competition' and I want to make the Worksheets so that after a certain time nothing can be edited by Tipsters. I have managed to hide the Ribbon (so they can't unprotect the Sheet) and I can lock and protect the Sheets as needed. What I can't do is work out how to...
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    Finals in New York this Sunday

    2014 ModelOff New York Live Finals (FREE) If you’re in New York City this Sunday, join leaders from the Finance and Excel communities to witness the crowning of a new Financial Modeling World Champion. Who will follow in the footsteps of Alex Gordon and Hilary Smart and claim the $30,000USD...
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    ModelOff 2014 - starts 25th October!

    Welcome to ModelOff 2014 - the 3rd Annual Financial Modeling World Championships. After the success of Alex Gordon (NZ) in 2012 and Hilary Smart (UK) in 2013, we're on the hunt for our newest World Champion! If you are or know someone talented in Excel, spreadsheets, and financial modeling...
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    Maze Escape VB competition!

    Well heres the problem. Anyone fancy having a bash at it? ;)

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