compile data

  1. K

    Compile List

    Hi everyone, I created a workbook that records all the deficiencies that are in one building. There are currently 100 units and each unit has its list of deficiencies that need to be completed by the appropriate trade. I would like to create a separate worksheet for each trade that compiles...
  2. A

    Require a VBA macro for workbook consolidation

    Hi All, I have 50 workbooks, all are with two sheets and every sheet have header and below that some data in rows wise. I need to compile all the 50 workbooks in one workbook with two different sheets. i.e., all sheet1 data into sheet1 and all sheet2 data into sheet2. Can any one help in this...
  3. Z

    Compiling Values

    Hello, So I am trying to track the status of multiple work products on a day to day basis using Excel Macros. I am trying to run a loop checking each row in sheet 1 against sheet 2. And if the value doesn't exist in sheet 2 then inputting it in sheet 2 towards the end of the records without...
  4. N

    Multiple worksheets with same form layout - into one list of rows worksheet.

    Hi All, Is there anyway with excel to compile loads of data from multiple work sheets into one worksheet? I have loads of worksheets that have the exact same layout on each one. I then want a way to pull each work sheet to a new row on one worksheet. Can anyone help me with this please? Nathan
  5. R

    Showing Multiple Details from a Pivot Table?

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone's having an awesome Tuesday! I have a dilemma that for the life of me, can't figure out. Your help/advise would be greatly appreciated :) So I've this pivot table which I've been manually right clicking on the values and selecting 'Show Details' to compile the source...
  6. T

    Suggestions Wanted - Need to compile data for regression analysis

    I am brainstorming on what would be the best method to compile data, but I keep finding issues with my ideas. I'm hoping some of you have a good solution I can use. Let me describe what I'm doing and looking to do. I have a large workbook that has a summary page, which uses lots of formulas to...
  7. R

    Code for compiling/copying a data from an entire sheet to an excel file saved in local/shared drive

    Hi Everyone, I have a number of excel files (same format) that i need to copy and compile to a master file saved in a local drive. Ex. Agent 1 (sheet 1), should be save in a master file sheet 1, Agent 2 (sheet 1), should be save in master file sheet 2.. and so on.. Can someone teach me what...
  8. C

    Creating Summary sheet for multiple cells & worksheets

    Hi all, I have a number of individual worksheets all in the same workbook that show current Projects and relevant Programme Managers depending on the Project Manager assigned to run the Project Rather than have a changing lookup via drop down etc I have been asked to have these sheets as...
  9. T

    looking to compile.

    Hi there! I'm having some dificuty with my excel skills, in a nutshell I'm creating a inspection log grid an my cells are formated to change colors I.E: 1= green 2= yellow 3= orange 4= red what im trying to do is to create a section at the bottom to count the amount of cells with the same...
  10. S

    VBA - copy same range of cells from every worksheet in workbook into list in another worksheet

    I have a workbook with a number of worksheets (the number may change over time). Within each worksheet I want to copy the range A17:N154 and paste it into one master worksheet. In other words, taking this same range from each worksheet and compiling all of the data into one long "list" in...
  11. N

    Compile summary with multiple sheets under conditions

    Hi All, Sheet: Staff Record staff details (ID, Name, Position....) Sheet: Master Sheet to be copied to new staff added Sheet: Summary Recap to show all staff attendance per month Existing Macros: -to add new sheet when a new employee is created -to create an hyperlink from ID index to display...
  12. D

    Compile data from different worksheets on same file

    I have 2 worksheets with exactly the same type of data, ie name, dates, amounts, etc under the exact same headings. I want to compile the data from both worksheets onto one sheet, how can i do this? I know how to use pivot tables but couldnt figure it out, i've never used powerpivot as i use...
  13. I

    Data Compilation macro help

    Hi All, I have many workbooks available in a folder which will a worksheet name "BalSheet". Structure of this sheet is such in Column A Discription is Available - Product A, Product B, Product C etc. In Column B Status is available - Relevant, Non Relevant In Column C Submission Dates are...
  14. K

    Compile data from different excel sheet to one sheet

    I have an excel sheet to collect nearly 3000 data from people. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> These data’s are providing by different people. Say one person will give 50 data and other one will give 150 data etc. <o:p></o:p> Each question...

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