complex calculations

  1. D

    Multiple conditions and arithmetic for one cell

    The formula I am using is not calculating correctly. What am I doing wrong? =IF(C5=0,"",IF(C5>0,SUM(C5-20),IF(A5="*Nov*",A5="*Dec*",A5="*Jan*",A5="*Feb*",SUM(C5-98)))) What I am looking for is, if cell C5=0 then leave blank, if cell C5>0 then subtract 20 from cell C5, and if cell A5 contains...
  2. M

    Unable to create complex formulas on excel

    I am struggling in creating formulas that allows me to build the following table. The formulas that I need to create should be on the cells highlighted in orange. Specifically, given: The number of employees on staff each month, i.e. “employees on staff” The number of “new tasks assigned”...
  3. goko

    Evaluation Scenario - Power Query

    Hi, Thanks for reading this and double thanks if you give me a hint. I have Student Exam Records Sheet with following columns. Columns Desc. School Multiple Schools Enrollment No Is unique across all schools Student Name Course Code There are multiple [Course Code], but a student...
  4. N

    First in First Out (Fifo) Stock balance Calaculation File.

    Hello there, I actually need help in a simple task of stock balance calculation but due to this task being a daily task and my input files having least 200 entries to work on for this task I am having many difficulties. Kindly help to kind of Automate this task (or at least reducing manual...
  5. LottoMatic

    Excel expert advice needed

    I am looking for the advice of experienced Excel users regarding the "translation" of a web-based application into an Excel spreadsheet and really hope to get some useful input regarding this matter. Since year 2014 I've been working on a rather complex lottery prediction system. It is a...
  6. K

    Formatting table using VBA- Need help!

    Hi, I've been trying to get this done to analyze the data. However, I am unable to un-pivot this table. Could someone please guide me here? Input table- <tbody> A A A A A B B B B B WEEK MON TUE WED THURS FRI MON TUE WED THURS FRI 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 2 150 150 150...
  7. S

    Need help understanding SUBSTITUTE MID SUBSTITUTE REPT formula

    So yeah surprisingly I didn't find any explanations on this semi complicated formula =SUBSTITUTE(MID(SUBSTITUTE("_" & B7&REPT(" ",6),"_",REPT(",",255)),2*255,255),",","") So here I used it to extract a value between "_" characters. But I want to make other additions/operations to this formula...
  8. H

    Another complex working hours formula

    Hi! I am creating a template which consists the following: Start Date & Time - contains a start date and time End Date & Time - contains a end date and time nwday1 - Named range (contains non-working 1 day OR first weekly off, it accepts a number from 1 to 7) nwday2 - Named range (contains...
  9. I

    help in summation

    hi, thanks in advance, and pardon me for my english, i am trying to make an excel sheet to keep my inventory of my company i have a large no of products, here, what i m trying to do is >>i have a sheet(diamond) which has details of the diamonds where i have shape, size, weight, price...
  10. G

    Powerpivot Weighted Average Measure

    Hello, I have a data that calculates forecast accuracy. I have this as a measure - the measure formula is...
  11. D

    Find most recent date in one range based on criteria, then return column from that row

    I couldn't think of a simpler way to title this :eeek: Here's my issue - I've got a table of expenses from the year, I want to get the final balance for the month from the balance column for each month. I've already created a reference cell for the first and last days of the month for something...
  12. N

    Display minimum of numbers or text if range criteria is met

    =IF(AND(A4:A6>=0,A4:A6<=5,COUNTIF(A4:A6,"NS")),MIN(A4:A6),"NS") This equation doesn't seem to capture the full logic of what I'm trying to accomplish. In column A, we have a validated data cell where the only allowed values are: 1,3,5, NS. In the column where the above equation fits, I would...
  13. A


    Hi Guys, I'm using this forumla; =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,(INDIRECT("'"&A5&"'!"))$A$6:$F$2560,6,FALSE))=TRUE,"Employee not found",(VLOOKUP(A3,(INDIRECT("'"&A5&"'!"))$A$6:$F$2560,6,FALSE))) in an attempt to read from the array in the tab named in cell a5. I get a formatting error when i input it...
  14. S

    Is it possible to do this in Excel..

    Hii, I am an average good user of excel, till now I have been able to solve all kind of complex calculations some way but I have encountered a situation & wondering if there is any way to do this in excel or using some VBA. I would be grateful to all of you for this. My excel sheet is some...

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