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    Is it possible to insert unique formulas into cells based on a product code?

    Hi everyone,I do have a complicated problem to solve and I was wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction as to how to tackle this problem.So I've got 5 product codes, and I've formulated 5 different unique excel formula codes for each product. For example,Product 1codes to...
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    Help using complex lookup to populate table

    I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I have a table with approximately 4K rows, with each row listing a student and the grade that they received in a particular course. <tbody> A B C 1D 1 Student # Name Course Grade 2 12345 Jack ENGL 101 3.3 3 12345 Jack MUSIC 200 3.7 4 12346...
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    Is there a formula for that??

    I have been searching high and low for a formula that will meet my needs but cant find one! I appreciate any help or guiding light! I have a spreadsheet set up for my grocery list. Column A contains the name of the product, Column B contains the estimated price of that item, at the very bottom...
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    Isolating dates for comparison

    I have some shares and i want to do some comparisons. eg. This month vs last month, this week vs last week, this week vs last 6 weeks ect I have been experimenting with the advanced filter but keep bringing my self to confusion. For now what i need is to extract data for each year, month, and...
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    IF Formula (Or maybe something else...) Hi Guys So heres what I want to do. I need to link up the PO's and part values on the Stock out and relevant values to the corresponding PO's on the Consignment stock sheet. (It makes sense when you look at the workbook) For example Column B on the Stock...
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    Complicated Formula Question

    I have a complicatedd problem that I am working on. 1 want to have a cell where I have a number and be able to take that number and Add to it itself + a percentage, however the problem is taht I need to be able to do this multiple times Example. Take 2048 as main number with 10% as...
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    Complicated Excel Formula

    For my spreadsheet, I am designing a program where the user can enter what they have eaten every day, and it will then give the results at the end of the week. However, my input table looks very cumbersome; it is very long incase the user needs to input a lot of food. What I want to be able to...

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