1. I

    Vba code for multiple search in single column and return value with heading - two sheets

    Dear Sir, I have two sheets, COMPONENTS: Content table with different headings of Components Name, under each heading there are many items mentioned. BOQ: I have Three column A,B and C. I have "Descriptions" in Column A, Column B is "RESULT" and C column is "ITEM FOUND" Now what I am...
  2. P

    Dim ws As Worksheet issue

    I'm receiving an error message ... (Compile error: Duplicate declaration in current scope) ... when I run some code that has 13 components, but I believe it's the following two components that are the issue ... one of the components copies a template sheet multiple times and renames them...
  3. C

    Formula Help Please

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me with formula. I need to total pay components in one column be cost centre but the totals need to appear in a different worksheet I only want to pick up certain pay components though eg salary, Overtime etc Thinking I need an Index Match and Sumif or Sum product...
  4. S

    Determine Available Inventory - Several Variables

    Hello, I am in need of assistance. I'm working on a spreadsheet to simplify my work life and have run into a wall. At a high level, the purpose of this spreadsheet is to determine the items & inventory available for me to send to a third party weekly. I'm going to try my best to put...
  5. M

    Help please assignment due tommorow !!!!! I really need the help i dont know anything.
  6. N

    Excel Foruma Help!!

    I basically created two excel sheets. One with parts + price and another with a master sheet for components and price, basically on the parts sheet there are about 3000 line items of parts containing two components each. I need a foruma that will grab the price data from the component master...
  7. H

    Excel to Word Document Template

    Hello, I know this probably should not be anywhere near as difficult as I am finding it to be, but I have a problem I am hoping you all can help me solve. I use Excel to generate estimates for my business. Each project I work on has a basic set of information which will always be present...
  8. H

    How to generate a Picking List of Components that are linked to a Product Code?

    Hi, I currently have a sheet where order quantities can be entered for specific codes (please see 'Order Table'). These codes are for 'kits' which require several components to be made (please see 'Components Table'). Please see below for an example, the actual spreadsheet has about 23...
  9. M

    Type a number and loop through cells and copy if condition is met

    Hi All, I have a master data sheet which contains item numbers with different components. Each item has many different components. There are therefore more than one line with the same item number but different components. I would like to be able to type in a number in D2 for example in a new...
  10. russkris

    SUMIFS help with multiple criteria

    Hi, I have a project with a limited budget however one component is not included in the budget but still need to keep track of the cost. The project has 6 components and each component has Normal cost and overtime cost. This is the sheet supervisors are filling out [Table1]-[Table30] and...
  11. C

    Lists of Components

    Hi all I am trying to build a spreadsheet to determine the cost of building a bespoke PC. Column A of Sheet 1 has the schedule of the types of components that need to be present, motherboard, hard drive, memory, etc. Sheet 2 has the individual components, Column A details the type of...
  12. L

    Grouping BOM Components by Unique Column

    I'm looking for a way to group BOM components for an electronics BOM. Currently my program outputs a CSV table like this for example: <tbody> Component Part Number C1 11111111 C2 11111111 R1 22222222 R2 22222222 R3 33333333 U1 44444444 U2 44444444 </tbody> I would like the...
  13. A

    Components Inventory Sheet

    Hello, I am trying to make an Excel sheet that will calculate how many items I can make from my components inventory. For instance, say I need 1 of each: Part A, B & C to make Item 1. I have the below inventory. I want to know what formula or setup I can use to have excel calculate how many...
  14. B

    Retrieve X and Y value from table

    Dear all, I have a question if there is a function in excel that can help me out. I try to explain my situation as clear as possible. I have to retrieve the values of the X and Y component of a table where the value is equal to a specific value. I give an explanation: <tbody> y=2x+1 1 2 3 4...
  15. iliace

    Percentage point effect of individual components on overall ratio

    Hi all, This is more of a math question than an Excel question, but hopefully some folks have a solution and enough people are interested. Here is the situation, as simplified/generalized as I can make it. I have clients that pay a contractual periodic fee. It is a dollar amount, but can...
  16. H

    Importing components modules error ???? F!,F1,F1

    I have been using code like ....................................... LL = 0 On Error Resume Next LL = Len(wVbProj.VBComponents(CompName).Name) If LL = 0 Then wVbProj.VBComponents.Import (Foundfn) End If ...................................... to import Foundfn ( found file name ) into...

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