1. J

    nth Composite Number UDF

    I am looking for a UDF to compute the nth composite number (nth non-prime number) similar to the nth prime. for e.g., 1st prime number is 2. 1st composite is 4. 10th prime number is 29. 10th composite is 18. 100th prime number is 541. 100th composite is 133.
  2. R

    Returning a value using multiple criteria

    Hi All I need help with the below table if you can please: I am trying to return a value listed in the table by entering the following: Eaves Height - 3-6 Cladding Type - Single Skin or Composite Gable Width - 3-25 <tbody> <colgroup><col width="104" span="9" style="width:78pt">...
  3. B

    Return all rows that match condition

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I Line Quantity Description Price Extension Tax Rate Tax AMT Type Total 1 25 descript 1 5.00 125.00 .0825 10.31 Composite 135.31 2 150 descript 2 10.00 1500.00 .0825 123.75 Non-Composite 1623.75 </tbody> Hello, I have a table...
  4. L

    Array Formula - ACT scores

    I am a teacher, summarizing ACT results. I have over a hundred students who have each taken the ACT for four years, anywhere from one to four times each year. For example, I am trying to calculate an overall average Composite score for 2017 for the following data. <tbody> A B C D E 1 2017...
  5. D

    Fixing a formula

    I am trying to write a composite type formula that says if any cell Z1-AK1 has Y in it then C1 should be Y and it doesn't seem to be working. Here is my current formula =IF(SUM(COUNTIF(Z1:AK1,"Y")))=12,"Y","N")
  6. A

    Multi-variable averages of select data

    I posted a question a couple of weeks ago and received some great help. Unfortunately, I was not as precise as I needed to be in how I described what I needed to accomplish. Thus, I will try see if I can get some help for this last bit of formula-building.... I have a number candidates that...
  7. J

    Compare combination of 2 columns in 2 worksheets

    I am very new to Excel-VBA. The requirement is simple but I dont know any complex formulae or VBA, Two columns (E and F), from two worksheets, need to be taken as a single composite column and compared with each other (the composite key is always unique). This is the first sheet with the old...
  8. K

    Continue filling a report to the next worksheet

    What can I add to this formula in Excel to tell it when it fills up range B4:B14 on COMPOSIT PG 1 to continue down the same range in COMPOSITE PG2? =IFERROR(IF(C2="Table Row",MATCH(SpecNo,Table2[LYB Spec],0),IF(MATCH(SpecNo,Table2[LYB Spec],0)+COUNTIF(Table2[LYB Spec],SpecNo)...

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