1. J

    How to calculate compound interest?

    hello first post here i want to learn to calculate compound interest using excel how do i do that? let say i have 1000$ and it gets 10% raised every week how do i calculate the total growth in 1 year?
  2. tsroque

    Creating a Compound Table for a Variable Term

    Hi! This is NOT an compound interest question. I need to create a compound formula or table to reach a desired answer. EXAMPLE: So if I need to decrease 50 by 20%, 3 times (variable) ------------------------ 1) 50 x .8 = 40 2) 40 x .8 = 32 3) 32 x .8 = 25.6 ------------------------ Answer...
  3. C

    Compound and simple interest VBA?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me solve a complex query I have. I have a large spreadsheet which has unique reference numbers in col A and month-year (ie oct-06) across row 1 (from oct-06 to mar-18). The fiscal year for the spreadsheet is from 1-April to 31-March which is causing me problems...
  4. K

    Monthly Loan Payment Using Compound Interest

    I need to create a loan amortization schedule using Access. My challenge comes as we are using compound interest and I need to determine the monthly payments. I am able to get the total to be repaid using the formula: =[LoanAmount]*((1+[InterestRate]/[CompoundType)^([LoanTerm]*CompoundType))...
  5. C

    Converting recipe measures to compound results (Cups, Tablespoons, Teaspoons)

    I have a question that I am not sure can be described proper (From my viewpoint) to make sense for an answer; however, I will give it a try: I have an issue with a new family venture that is calling for a simplified method to scale up recipes for use, and I wish to remove as much human error as...
  6. A

    reverse compound interest

    Hi, I need a formula to calculate a daily compound interest rate where I know the initial value and the present value. For example, if in a week an investment increased by 30% (let's say $100 becomes $130), how would I display the daily compound interest, ie by what percent did it increase each...
  7. K

    Count distinct rows with multiple criteria

    I'm having a hard time with this, and I'd really appreciate some help. I've got 8 compounds distributed across 4 containers. I need to see if there are any compounds for which the container is empty. I can use =SUMPRODUCT(1/COUNTIFS(tbl[COMPOUND],tbl[COMPOUND])) to return number of distinct...
  8. A

    Using PRODUCT function within SUMIF

    Hi, I want to use the PRODUCT function (to compound % returns data) within a SUMIF statement as looking for the formula to only compound numbers between 2 dates Can anyone help?? Thank you
  9. A

    Data scraping of molar masses from website

    Hi All, I simply do not have the skill set to solve a problem I have. I am creating a database for my students of compounds in chemistry. I have an excel list of the compound names. I have also created a url link (using the concatenated function) that enables me to go to google and there I can...
  10. L

    Accrued interest Calculation

    Hi all, I have been trying to generate interest calculation automatically for my business. For example if we take one client at a time my business norms is if the balance is unpaid for 10 days then interest is applicable from the date of purchase. II have entered the formula for this and it is...
  11. J

    Summing for multiple row values with =CALCULATE

    Hello, Simple question: I have linked tables, one with my main data, and other look-up tables. I'm trying to do a compound count of the files we have at five stages of production (ex. Stage 1 = Stage 1 count + Stage 2 ... Stage 5). There are several file types I'm accounting for, and the file...
  12. T

    Should be a simple question for those that understand

    Hello and first thank you for reading I have a formula =StartingBalance * (1 + Rate)^NumberOfDays this is to create a daily compounded interested rate now if this formula is correct (that is what I am checking) Principal = 400 interest rate = 3% number of days = 1 year then =400*(1+.03)^365...
  13. M

    Compound interest taking inflation into account

    I am interested to know whether there is a compound interest formula which takes inflation into account. I am familiar with the compound interest formula. The type of calculation I'm looking to do is Monthly investment of: $250 Annual interest rate: 4% Annual inflation rate: 3% Period of...
  14. R

    Calculate Interest

    Hi I have a series of 5 capital payments over a period of years and then two repayments with a few years in between. How can i use excel to calculate the inherent interest rate if it was compound and simple. So, say: Loans out of: 5 June 1998 68,900 5 June 1999 98,950 5 June 2001 384,900...

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