1. F

    Compress Duplicates in Table

    So I have a simple 2-column table; basically just a list of names where each has a corresponding number. Simply, I want to comb through the list and find things like "| Company A | 5 |" and "| Company A Inc. | 5 |" and combine them. I guess this could turn into "| Company A | 10 |" or "| Company...
  2. H

    Software to compress Excel files

    It would be appreciated if anyone can recommend software to compress large Excel files without zipping the file
  3. kelly mort

    Compress images with vba code

    HelloWorld, I have the feeling there is a way to compress image files with a vba script. If anyone agrees to that can we take up that challenge? Basically, I will be compressing from a folder. And will like the smallest size possible. Say below 100kb . Thanks in advance Kelly
  4. L

    VBA code required to zip files on folders / Sub folders

    Hello All, I hope all of you are doing well. Can you kindly assist me on the below. I am struggling for months to get this code. I am not an expert at coding hence requesting you all to help me out. Below are the requirements the code. 1. The VBA should go through all the folder and...
  5. R

    Compress All Pictures in Excel Workbook

    Hi I'm attempting to shrink some excel workbooks with lots of graphics inside. I have found the menu options of 'Picture Tools' > 'Format' > 'Compress Pictures' function to be very useful in achieving this. Going through each individual pictures on each sheet and across many workbooks will be...
  6. T

    Using VBA to compress pictures

    Hello, I would like to create a VBA to automate the "Compress Pictures" in a batch. I've been searching the forum and realize that the Excel 2016 version do not have such code exist, however, this can be done by some "Keyboard alt key" recording. Unfortunately, I can 't find any solution for...
  7. J

    VBA Code to Copy Non-Empty Cells in Range

    Hello all, I have very little experience with VBA, but I'm trying to write a code that will copy cells in a range that are not empty, then continue down the column to the next range and copy those values until another non-empty cell appears, then move to the next range. For instance: I have a...
  8. B

    HELP!! need to automate ZIP file creation...

    Hi Everybody, I was wondering whether anybody could help me ZIP files using Excel VBA and the windows .ZIP file creator please? In Cell: A1, File name and file path 1 to be zipped A2, File name and file path 2 to be zipped A3, File name and file path 3 to be zipped A4, Name of ZIP file to be...
  9. L

    File Size Conundrum

    So I have an excel file with 350,000 rows of data (I'm using excel 2010) and I need to create a bunch of tabs with some pivot tables to recap the data in meaningful ways. I've created one tab already, but the file size is quite large (115MB). Is my best course of action to just deal with a...
  10. S

    Pivot Table Macro - Compress employees schedule into 1 row on new tab

    I have a pivot table, in Excel 2007, that is used to track the schedules of employees time (the tab name is “All View” – there are multiple tabs within this workbook) this table has multiple “Office” locations, and also has multiple employees within each office. In addition, the number of...

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