1. M

    VBA for Concatenating Cells in a Specified order found in a list

    Hello all, I have this code so far, for concatenating values in a range: Function Concatenatecells(ConcatArea As Range) As String For Each n In ConcatArea: nn = IIf(n = "", nn & "", nn & n & ","): Next Concatenatecells = Left(nn, Len(nn) - 1) End Function Assuming I have this data: How...
  2. M

    super-scripting text when concatenating text

    How to insert superscript in concatenating text as given below. ="ΣH= ½ WH2 = ½ x 1x " & E171 & "2 = " output : Regards, ~M
  3. N

    Tiny question about concatenating the following...

    Public SaveName as String Set y = Workbooks.Open("C:\A\B\C\ & SaveName & ".xlsx") Very small question does one get around the "period" when concatenating the above? Because the above returns an error because of it. Thank you :)
  4. N

    Concatenate Cells based on Dynamic criteria

    I am looking to write a formula that can concatenate cell A$1$ (absolute) & B1: B245 (dynamic)and then A$2$- B1:B245 and then so on. So for example, I need to concatenate cell A$1$ & B1, and then A$1$ & B2, all the way up until B245, and then I need to restart the sequence with A2 and B1...
  5. S

    Inserting text into another text string

    Ok, so I am very close to this and probably just need a pointer or two... What I am using: Excel for Mac 2011 What I Have: 300 rows of html text, exported from a website, that contain product titles What I am trying to do: Insert the word "Lenses" before the word "for" for each row. For...
  6. S

    Concatenate two strings but format text differently

    I'd like to concatenate two text strings but format each part differently, like this: cell A1: Title cell B1: Subtitle Concatenate in cell C1 as: Title Subtitle The source cells (A1 & B1) are unformatted. Easy to figure out the concatenation itself, but I don't know how to do the formatting...
  7. N

    Preserving Superscript when using CONCATENATE

    Hi, Trying to CONCATENATE 2 text columns, (A1 -AX & B1 - BX), column A has a single superscript character in the middle of the word, i.e. xxxx2xxxx , where the 2 superscript. The column B has no formatting to preserve. I have found the following link with VBA code to assist, but can't seem to...
  8. ClimoC

    Sticky: Watchrange, Concatenate date to existing cell value

    Hey everyone. This one is a little tricky in cell B, data could be entered but isn't always. BUT - If someone were to type in a cell in col B, then I need today's date to be concatenated on to the end of whatever they type in there. If there is nothing typed, I'd like it to stay blank...
  9. D


    Not sure if its a duplicate post. I want to achieve something like this:<HTML><HEAD><Script Langage JavaScript><!---function ViewSource() {var HtmlSource;HtmlSource = document.all.ForSubmit.innerHTML;HtmlSource = RetDeleted(HtmlSource);document.write('<HTML><BODY...
  10. T

    concatenating textboxes into label

    I need to combine 7 textboxes into 1 label. I have tried the following code but it only combines the first 2 boxes. I dont understand why it wont do all 7. Im putting this code in private sub textbox1_change label1.caption = textbox1.text & textbox2.text & textbox3.text....(and so on until...
  11. T

    concatenating textboxes into label

    Alright I've got some help from this once before and it only worked to an extent. I've got 7 differnent textboxes that when filled out make a combinded statement in a Label box. It doesnt make a complete paragragh but it would be nice to have either commmas or some seperating marks like ***. I...

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