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    Concatenate a letter into a number and preserve the number's format

    I would like to concatenate a letter at the end of a number and preserve the number's current format. The number is rounded into thousandths. So if i am talking about $(1,500), I would like to see $(1.5)K. Unfortunately, when the K is added it turns into -1.5K, removing both the $ and the () .
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    Concatenate with a Line Break BUT....

    Hello! I have a exit interview survey that individuals are able to select multiple reasons as to why they are leaving the company. When I pull the raw data it puts all the reasons they selected into a new column. I would like to put all the reasons into one cell, which I can do using the...
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    Vlookup referencing a concatentated cell

    =VLOOKUP(F6,AUTHORIZATIONS!A:G,7,FALSE) AUTHORIZATIONS Table Column A(9 digit number) = Concatenated cells from column B (contains a 2 digit number) and column C (containing a 7 digit number) My Vlookup formula is referencing a column (A) which contains concatenated data and it returns a N/A...

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