1. gravanoc

    Conditional Formatting contradicting formula

    Gee, my favorite topic! Conditional formatting is kicking my *** again. Problem Statement: My conditional formatting formula is applying formatting to the correct & incorrect cells, all except cells with vanilla text in them in column E. What is disquieting about this situation is that I have...
  2. B

    Simple Conditional Formats using VLOOKUP

    I can do complex spreadsheets but never seem to get the syntax right on conditional formats, especially when it includes a vlookup: Skipping straight to Manage Conditional Formats "IF" statement: 1. I need to say IF the value in A2 = (any value found in Array in Sheet2 column B) then format...
  3. V

    conditional formatting..

    In Col B, 10 21 35 15 50 16 I want to highlight top 3 in different color, using Cond do that?
  4. B

    Getting Error on Cond Form VBA - Unable to Bold

    Hello, I am getting an error with the code below. The error is "Unable to set the Bold Property of the Font class" Sub CFAHTNeg() Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=IF($M6=""Above"",TRUE,FALSE)"...
  5. M

    Counting Conditionally Formatted Cells

    Is there a way to count the value of a cell only if the cell is red? For example, if there is a column of cells that is all different colors, is there a way to only count the values in the red cells? Each of the different cells were conditionally formatted. mkfwaldron

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