1. A

    Calculating with measure in calculated column

    I have prepared a measure that returns a certain rate determined to be calculated only within a certain part. But then when I call this measure, only blank is returned, even though the measure shows a number. I have prepared a condensed example Power Pivot model that explains what needs to be...
  2. J

    An easier lookup formula ?

    I have four columns and five rows.....I have a formula that works, but there must be an easier way this is what I'm using,maybe it can be condensed. I might want to expand the formula to accommodate more columns, but for now...
  3. N

    Find cell based on value in dropdown menu

    i have a spread sheet that has 2070 rows. would like to have a drop down menu based on a condensed list (107) that when selected will auto find the first row of the condensed list. i saw that someone had posted a VBA that would do what i am after but now i can't find it. 1. the condensed list...
  4. A

    Complex countifs formula

    I am providing a sample table below: <tbody> A B A A B </tbody> I can do a Countif to get the number of A's or B's. Or something like =SUM(COUNTIF($A$2:$A$7,{"A","B"})) to get the number of As and Bs. I would like to refer to the part {"A","B"} as a cell reference, rather than have...
  5. Futile Crush

    Automatically naming sheets?

    Hey again guys. I want to make a spreadsheet with many sheets, but I want to condense the size of the sheets, instead just numbering them. Is there any way I can manually specify that every time I create a new sheet, I want it to go up in numbers? I can't use VBA, so don't try and give me a VBA...
  6. C

    condensing a list for each category

    In sort of a follow up to the Condensing A List Thread I would like to condense the list into a series of list for each category. The example below is a synoptic view with some data and does not include the full...

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