condicional format in vba

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    Apply Multiple Conditional Formatting to a Table Column based on values in other columns

    Hi I am trying to add icons and colours to a table column based on values in adjacent columns. I am trying to do this with VBA as that seems the only way to do it. Basically In the table below, I want the column MilestoneA to be colored as per the column MilestoneA-RAG values and also contain...
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    VBA: Help with conitional formating based on date/time

    I inherited an Excel 2010 workbook that is utilized to import in another excel data feed that is extracted from online source daily. Once imported this .xlsm workbook does several things, custom columns, several sorts, conditional formatting, etc. It currently highlights all rows that have a...
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    VBA code tweak needed (To cut and paste from one file to another and then conditional formatting)

    Hello Forum! I have a problem and was hoping to ask the forum for help! Basically, I have two excel files in csv format (plain format). I want to carry out the follow operations The user (anyone in my project team) will create a folder on their computer desktop. The name of the folder is...
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    Looping with an if statment

    I have dates in column L that have the conditional formatting of: Cell Value <= Today()-365*(3*$N7:$N$368)-182 I need to loop thru every row in column L and see if the conditional formatting is true or not. I know C pretty well but am still farely new to VBA and arent quite sure how to do...
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    Priting a certain cell out to the screen

    Thank you ahead of time if you can help me with this. I have information in column 12 that has conditional formatting that turns the text read if certain requirments are not met. I've been trying to write code that goes thru column 12 to see which are in red and then returns the information in...
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    No error but unfunctioning format condition in vba

    I have this two functions in a module: And when I try to trace it, the execution is missed in the line: It doesn't matter if I put the line or not. But when I see the condicional format of any cell of the range the condition is correct but the format is not set. I really don't know what's...

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