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    How to insert new row with dummy info if there is no sequence to item numbers

    Hi there, I'm working on finding out missing orders in a bunch of sales records. I'm attaching a sample workbook here so that you can understand more of my requirements. Appreciate all the help you can provide. The sales invoice denotes the sales invoice number at a material level. The item...
  2. A

    Function to count unique values where condition is

    Hi there, im new here. i found here many aswers but now i have problem where i cant find way out :/ I have data: <tbody> Day ID (Number) Mon. 111 Mon. 111 Mon. 222 Mon. 333 Mon. 111 Tue. 222 Tue. 111 Tue. 555 Tue. 666 Tue. 777 Tue. 333 Tue. 222 Tue. 999 Tue. 888...
  3. J

    Ayuda para una cuenta compleja

    Muy buenas y gracias por adelantado. Excel 2010 Tengo 4 celdas implicadas en una cuenta y una quinta celda dónde almacenar el resultado. <tbody> A B C D Result </tbody> Necesito mostrar en Result esta cuenta: Si A es mayor que B Y C es mayor que D O Si A es menos que B Y C es menor que D...
  4. V

    Formatação condicional de gráficos

    Boa tarde! Alguém saberia como fazer com que os data labels somente aparecessem quando fossem diferentes de #N/A ? Estou trabalhando com gráficos dinâmicos sobrepostos, e ao mostrar um gráfico as outras séries ocultas mostram os labels #N/A... Obrigada!

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