conditional fomratting

  1. D

    Conditional formatting checking different cells wich equal FALSE

    Hi, I have column B with this formula: =IF(C3=A3; 1; "0"). Cells format is Custom "Yes"; "Yes"; "No". When C3=A3, I have value "Yes" and after conditional formatting cell becomes green. If i have FALSE, cell contains #N/A and warning "A value is not availableto the formula or function" (not...
  2. L

    Formatting cells based on date < date

    Hello I have a spreadsheet with dates in collum E, P and S. The dates in Collumn E and P are Manually entered. The dates in Colums S are based on culumn E with the simple formular =E:E+91. Collumn E indicate when the different projects starts. Collumn P are delivered dates and Culum S are...
  3. Q

    Highlight Rows if today's date is between 2 column dates

    <tbody> Row Index Column D (Start Date) Column E (End Date) A 20-JUL-2014 27-JUL-2014 B 01-OCT-2014 01-NOV-2014 C 07-OCT-2014 09-OCT-2014 D 09-OCT-2014 01-NOV-2014 E 14-AUG-2014 07-OCT-2014 </tbody> Seeking expert assistance in building a conditional format for...
  4. L

    Conditional Formats being Stripped for no reason?

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem I am at a loss to understand. I created a dashboard to track how my company is performing in various goals and areas. This was made using Excel 2010. The dashboard and all files work great when transferred or opened on other computers as long as they also have...
  5. ErinJ

    conditional formating across worksheets

    I am creating a gantt chart I have two sheets: Projects Schedules In Projects I have 2 columns Start Date Completion Date In Schedules I have the same projects mirrored but I have a column for each day of the month/year. I have put the corresponding date in each cell and formated white so no...
  6. T

    Conditional Formatting

    I have two sets of data, 14 columns each. The data contained in the colums is a sort of Before and After analysis. I would like to highlight the cells in the After dataset based on certain criteria but I'm not certain how to setup the Formatting rules. Here is a rundown of the rules I need to...
  7. G

    Getting Runtime Error 1004 when Coding Conditional Formats with VBA

    Heya, I'm working on some code to highlight the ActiveCell's row and column by using the Worksheet_SelectionChange() sub using conditional formatting, but I've run into some snags when I set any of the font properties for the second conditional format. After lots of trial and error, I seem to...
  8. 1

    Conditional Formatting in Excel VBA

    I am trying to delete all conditional formatting from a sheet, and add new formatting. I use the following macro (it's recorded) but when I run it, it gives me an error by .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorDark1 towards the end of the macro. The first conditional format highlights the cell yellow, and...
  9. G

    Dynamic Conditional Formatting Macro

    Good morning, I am developing a macro to perform conditionall formatting with several conditions. My problem is that i cant get the program to perform the operations because I dont know how to address the row number where i want to perform the conditional formatting. Check the XXX :crash...
  10. G

    Cond. Formatting Data Bar Multiple Criteria

    I would like to know if there is a way to have a conditional formatting that is able to display bars in different colors by using different criteria. The conditions are the following: Limits for positive results = Min: 0 , Max: 4 Limits for Negative results = Min: -Target A , Max: 0 If cell...
  11. H

    Update conditional format

    Hi, I am trying to work out a manning roster.On sheet1 I have a number of machines with 3 drop down lists of names for each machine. On sheet2 I have days for the next six months where holidays for each person is marked. When the name is selected from the drop down list on sheet1 the conditional...
  12. P

    VBA conditional formatting (Excel 2003)

    I've searched and seached, and haven't found the solution I'm looking for. I have 5 conditions, and as you know Excel only allows 3 conditional formats. I have little VBA experience, so I can't seem to create this on my own. I'm trying to fill the color of a cell based on the value in...
  13. C

    Conditional formatting help?

    Hello, my first time posting a thread up here so if you don't understand what I am asking for I will and try to explain better. So I have dates in my worksheet going from H2:M2. The dates are at random intervals. How can I make that cell turn green when it comes within the month of that...
  14. V

    Conditional Formatting off of Pivot Grand Total

    Hey all, I am looking for a solution for the Conditional formatting of a pivot table. That seams easy enough, but here's where the trouble starts. I want to use Traffic Light formatting based off of the Grand Total field (last row of the pivot and it's basically an Average since it's a...
  15. J

    Copying conditional formatting for refrenced cells

    Is there a way to refrence a cell and have the condional formatting copy over as well? For example I want cell D1 to = cell A1. Cell A1 has conditional formatting that makes that cell coloured red. Is there any way copy that conditional format over as well?
  16. B

    Conditional Formatting Question

    Hello, I have been searching the forum and have not been able to find what exactly I am looking for. Nor have I been able to alter what I have found in order to make it fuction as I desire. I have created a matrix (block of cells) I would like to turn the individual cell in the block of...
  17. J

    Formula for looking up cells based on cell colour

    Is it possible to write a formula that pulls data based on the colour of a cell. For example, I have a chart with conditional formatting and I want to have a seperate chart to the side which pulls only the data from the first table for cells highlited yellow. Thank you,

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