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    Conditionnal formating in VBA

    Hi! I've a conditionnal formatting formula in EXCEL, I'd like to use macro to do so. Thanks. =SOMMEPROD(($C$5>=INDIRECT("Leave[departure]"))*($C$5<=INDIRECT("Leave[return]"))*($B8=INDIRECT("Leave[workers]"))) applied on =$C$8:$G$14 I'd like to do it on the table below with colour... Thanks...
  2. H

    Add one condition to Conditional formatting

    Hi, I would like to add another condition to my conditionnal formatting formula but i cant find the way to. The conditionnal formating formula is : =SUMPRODUCT(N(ISNUMBER(FIND($A10;OFFSET(gout!$D$1:$AD$1;MATCH(E$3;gout!$A:$A;0)-1;0)))))>0 the condition i would like to add in the formula is ...
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    UserForm - TextBox - Conditional Solver

    Hello everyone, I have this userform with 2 option buttons and 3 texboxes (1,2 and 3). When the userform is validated by the user a macro is run. This macro contains a Solver among other lines of code. When the userform is called, the value filled in by the user in textbox 2 (the actual name...
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    Conditional formating for currency

    Ok, i'm working on a table containing prices. The prices are fetched from another Excel document and placed in several rows/columns on the same page. At the top of that page are dropdown menus allowing the user to select different items, including the currency (CAD, USD, Euro or RMB). This info...

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