confidence interval

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    Calculate Confidence Interval for Binary Data Set

    Hi - I have a data set that is organized by date in column A and then in column B it is binary data of 0's and 1's where 1 means the customer was declined and 0 means it was not. Each week I calculate the rate that customers were declined and plot that out over a 12 week period. I now would...
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    Confidence Interval Trendline

    Hi All. New to the forum, so please be gentle. I have a bubble chart that I have a weighted trendline on. I'm not happy with how the line of best fit gives a misleading representation of the predictability of the data, hence I would like to replace this single line with a band of possible...
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    Charting confidence interval with a fuzzy line?

    Hi all, When building charts, I always like to include confidence intervals so the reader has a sense of how solid the results are. However, I don't think error bars do a great job of visually demonstrating the idea of a confidence interval. It shows the upper and lower range, but doesn't...
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    Question regarding how to plot interval estimates for a bell curve

    Hi! My group and I are doing a Business Statistics course, and we're pretty new at Microsoft Excel, so we're hoping we'll be able to get some help here! Microsoft Excel 2007. Question: Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean assets for the population of money market funds (the...

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