1. M

    Splitting Data into Months based on Date Range

    I have been doing some research but was unable to find exactly what I am trying to achieve. I have been working with VBA frequently but am not quite advanced enough yet to do do this, so I would really appreciate some help! I have a list of customer bookings, with various information and a date...
  2. C

    return number based on 3 date entries - but one can have empty values

    Hi everybody, I am using power pivot 2016 on windows 10 enterprise. I have a data model an one of the sheets is a back order list. In this sheet I have the order creation date, the customer delivery wish date and the supplier (to us) confirmed del. date. If the supplier has not confirmed this...
  3. C

    Double if statement

    Hi. I'm trying to create a double IF statement which returns the value "Attended" in ColC where ColA contains "Confirmed" and ColB contains "Show". Otherwise "Did not attend". Thanks for looking. <tbody> ColA ColB ColC (Desired Result) Confirmed Show Attended Confirmed Show Attended...
  4. X

    Paste entire rows to existing worksheets when column text criteria met

    Hello All - I have a subset of data I download twice a month into a master sheet. The data is comprised of the same 8 column headings, and anywhere from 200-400 rows. I'm looking for a resource to copy and paste certain rows to existing worksheets based on text identification in one of the...
  5. G

    Multiple Criteria

    Hi, <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> ID STATUS Confirmed Status 3333 Approved 4444 Approved 2222 Approved 3333 Approved 2222 Approved 3333 Approved 1111 Not Approved 4444 Approved 1111 Not Approved 3333 Approved 3333 Approved 3333...
  6. F

    Using lookup functions with an if function

    Hello, I'm trying to have a function reference one cell, in this case F762, to see if it says yes. If it does, it will print a value based off the value in G762, using a lookup function I've already proven to work. If the condition is not met, it should use a different lookup function that is...
  7. M

    Data reorganize formula? Perhaps VBA?

    Hello, and thank you for your time in advance if you can help. I am working on a PC in excel 2013. I have a table of breeding bird data with codes that I need to create a summary table from. I am unsure of the most efficient way to do this and have spent many hours adjusting data, trying...
  8. A

    Optional not working in Excel 2007

    Sub DoComment(r As Range, T, Optional Append = False, Optional theSize = 10) After much debugging, I find theSize above is NOT 10 !!! Just confirmed by stepping. It works correctly in Excel 2003. Can I fix it ? Thanks

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