1. N

    How to find all combinations within a constraint

    I am after some code/advice for Access. I have a list of Order Numbers(Unique) and what cubic metres that each are, I also have a cost benefit per Order. I would like to run some code to be able to find every combination of Orders but within a given constraint of Cubic size (65Cube) to find the...
  2. O

    [Solver] Problem with constraints

    Hi, I'm trying to do a workbook to find a maximum probability with some one constraint. It doesnt find any feasible solution but I do not find any problem with my workbook. Does anyone have a clue of how it could work? I am trying to find max value of cell D15 with help of editing cell H2:J14...
  3. H

    Solver - Best method/options possible to get desired result

    Hi, I am trying to set up solver to determine the best possible tax distribution of income (variables) across multiple entities, based on their initial existing income, in order to minimize their gross tax payable (objective). My main constraint is a cell which must equal zero. When the...
  4. C

    cartesian product with Max constraint / VBA code / Power query Trick

    Hi Excel Masters, I am trying to list all the combinations of a qty X breakdown within a 2 dimensions tables. In other words, lets imagine I have 1 unit of a product in stock, what are the combinations of destinations that I could send that product to (Clients x in Region Y) Example 1...
  5. I

    Constraint Modeling for Solver

    I think my logic is a little off... I have three products (Small, Medium, Large)-produced across 3 plants/locations: Product S=Small M=Medium L= Large Plant 1=1 Plant 2=2 Plant 3=3 Constraint: Production of Small cannot be greater than 5x the production of Medium 5(Xs1+Xs2+Xs3)<=...
  6. R

    College Excel Upcoming Grad and Need Help! Please!

    Hey all, I just created my account today becuase I could see the level of intelligence that is being shared across this forum. I recently got an internship at a industrial company and I'm having a pain in the *** trying to get this model I am building for them to work. May seem simple for some...
  7. N

    Lookup Maximum Value Subject to Constraints

    Ok, this has been killing me for a few days. I have two tables Number 1: PK Date A 1/1/2006 B 2/1/2009 C 3/1/2007 D 5/1/2007 Number 2: PK Date A 1/1/2005 A 2/1/2006 A 5/1/2009 B 2/1/2009 B 5/1/2010 C 5/1/2007 D 4/1/2007 So I want a...
  8. L

    Help with constraints in solver

    Hello again, this time I have a question regarding excel's "solver" add-in. Basically I want to hit a certain number which is the sum of some numbers times some other numbers. Here's the example: <X> A) 1 * (BLANK) B) 14 * (BLANK) C) 77 * (BLANK) I'm using solver to fill in the...

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