1. M

    Trouble building multiple constraint filter in excel

    Hello everyone. Awesome forum! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. I was wondering if any of you could help me with this problem I have been having in excel. I am creating a filter function based off of raw data to give me data from that raw data given two date constraints and two...
  2. M

    VBA for Optimal Combinations with Multiple Constraints

    Hi All, I am new to excel VBA - but I do understand after I read the code. I have the attached spreadsheet where I have sheet "Combinations" with all possible combinations for P1-P5 items. While the best combination is ranked based on Value, I want to create an output for 52 weeks in a year...
  3. I

    Using Excel solver (or other method) with a common objective in multiple cells by changing the same variables, subject to constraints

    Hi, I am struggling with quite a complex problem in which I think I may be able to solve or at least partially solve using the Excel solver tool. I am trying to set up a design of experiments analysis in which I have a number of parameters at two levels. I have one specific objective which I...
  4. E

    Maximum possible allocation given constraints

    Hey Guys, I'm not too sure how to approach this but i think it's a VBA problem and i'm having a lot of trouble figuring it out. Apologies in advance... it's a long one lol TL;DR The problem is i'm trying to find the optimal allocations to result in the highest possible value given some...
  5. T

    Helped Needed: Linear/nonlinear Optimization with Solver

    Hi guys. I am currently working on an simple optimization problem that has a two non-linear constraint. Nevertheless, I want to solve this problem (I am required to do so) using Simplex LP and I struggle how to convert these constraints into linear constraints or how to approach this problem in...
  6. N

    A more complicated solver scenario, I think?

    Hi, I just watched the solver video which gives a basic introduction on how to use it and I would like some advice is solver can perform in the following scenario Each year 25 customers are distributed between the 5 staff members based on a workload ability Next the staff pick and equal or...
  7. D

    Formula or VBA for Random numbers same sum?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know a set of formulas or Macro which would allow me to do the following? What I have now is a table in which every row has, for each column, a finite interval of numbers that can be chosen from (like: 1, 5.3, 6.7 BUT NOT 5.4, 6.9....). Keep in mind that these...
  8. A

    Excel Pivot-table with constraints

    I am having difficulties completing an assignment, completing a pivot-table with constraints. Could anyone offer some assistance? I could email, I don't see where I can upload documents.
  9. A

    Filling In An M by N Matrix Based On Row And Column Constraints

    Here's the scenario: You have 1,2,3,...N tasks to do sequentially, all which take a range of time to complete (column constraint), but you're only allowed to set aside a certain amount of time on each of M days (row constraint) to complete these tasks. Example: You have a 5 chapter book to...
  10. E

    Excel solver help

    i need help with using solver in the following situation i need use solver to find the number of each fan that will maximize profit within the available labour hours what is my set objective? what are my constraints? of course the labour required has to be smaller or equal to labour available...
  11. P

    Input restrictions in input box

    How do you make sure error checks appear when an invalid number is inputted for calculations? E.g Numbers that does not end in .23 is entered, an error message should appear. How would this be coded in VBA? Thank ya'll -Paladin
  12. T

    Using Solver Add-in for a Linear Program: For Fun Fantasy Football!

    I thought it would be fun to make a linear program for fantasy football. Background information: You pick 9 players; 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end, and 1 flex (running back, wide receiver, or tight end). Each player has an associated cost. You're capped...
  13. A

    Foil would-be Excel thieves

    OK, so a flair for the dramatic. That said, I worked very hard on a particular model and I would like to make anyone who has any intention of borrowing portions of the model very frustrated. Assuming that a potential recipient will receive the file via email...
  14. B

    Solver doesn't seem to handle constraints

    Hello Mr. Excel I've been working on some solver model that has grown to 40 decision variables and about 60 constraints. It is a model that determines how to split some power demand over several engines, resulting in the lowest fuel consumption. One problem is that this creates many local...
  15. O

    Solver limitation on dependent constraints?

    I'm trying out the Evolutionary Solver in Excel 2010 and I'm running up against a problem. What I am trying to do is create a spreadsheet to optimise window sizes and ceiling heights for a room. As part of this, I need to constrain the window height to the ceiling height. This works just fine...
  16. C


    Solver and Drop down menus problems I'm trying to use Solver to Optimize a simulator I built in excel. The target cell is Market Share and the adjustable cells are drop down menu links. In other words, the drop down boxes change the price of a product and that affects the share. The issue I'm...

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