1. T

    If ... then or Select Case ?

    Hi Guys, Does anybody have experience which is quicker - long (If Then Else) construction or (Select Case) ? Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. T

    Macro to extract column data into new rows

    I'm looking for help in creating a macro that can extract select column information and create new rows data but still keep the identifying information. Not all columns will have information and I only want to extract those that have data. Below is an example of the survey data...
  3. L

    Dynamic naming of timeline

    Hi as per the dropbox link, i have a simple timeline that i want to have certain values appear according to their month. So for example, construction starts 01 Dec 2019, i want the text "Construction Starts" appear in J9...
  4. J

    Delete Rows using a Macro

    from the report below I would like to create a macro that deletes all rows that make up the Total Amounts. In other words, I just want to show the total (bold on black)...thank you <colgroup><col><col span="13"></colgroup><tbody> Category Original Budget JV Change Order Revised Budget Commited...
  5. J

    Help with auto sheet naming and hyperlinks

    Hey everyone. I have a workbook that I use to bid construction jobs with, that I need to update a little. Basically, I have a main totals sheet, and multiple other sheets that I use to add up different materials and labor for different aspects of the job. Molding materials & labor, sheetrock...
  6. B

    Date Comparisons With Time Limits

    Hey all, I did a search but the 'If' function is able to encompass so much I wasn't successful in finding what I'm looking to do - forgive me if I just missed it (or I'm not looking for the right function to efficiently show what I need - a real possibility!) I have a list of projects that I...
  7. G

    Counting unique instances given another criteria

    Hello! I am creating an Access report. Inside the report, I have created a box that will count the number of project inspections (based on Review type column) given a date. It is worthy to note that a single project inspection on a given day can have multiple findings. I am not interested in...
  8. S

    Simulation Test

    Dear All, Need your urgent support in solving this simulation test. Cannot figure out the formula construction. Can someone please tell me how to attach the file as well.
  9. O

    Create sheets and copy whole row based on unique values on column k

    Guys, In a usual situation, I would try to do it myself, but I don't have much time right now and could really use a hand. Basically, I would need a macro to check column k and create the sheet "Construction" and copy all the rows which have Construction on column k to that sheet. Then it...
  10. A

    Transfering Data from two different sheets

    Ok so I am not an expert at excel, but I know basics on how to pull from different sheets. That being said my issue is: I have Sheet 1 (Builder List) that contains all the builders that I work with, you will notice there is an empty column that is labeled "Total YTD Price". I want to transfer...
  11. L

    How to extract word upto specified word by single formula?

    <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> How to extract words upto specified word ("Co ", "Eng", "Construction", "(") by single formula (not by VBA)(not by array formula)?   i.e.   ABC DE Co Ltd FGH IJ KL Eng Co Ltd ABC Construction Ltd ABC (China) Co Ltd to ABC DE FGH IJ KL...
  12. H

    Calculating Linear Feet to Saw Cut

    Im trying to find a formula or way to enter dimensions of trenches (rectangles) or squares that we bid to concrete saw cut. then calculate how much linear footage there is to saw cut. Example: 20' x 1' trench saw cut into 2' x 1' pieces. (that's cutting perimeter and making cross cuts every...
  13. J

    Excluding Weekends & Holidays

    Hey Excel'ers, I am generating a spreadsheet that focuses on a target opening date. There is about 12 other headings along the top all stating the different phases of construction, permitting, etc. I need to exclude weekends and holidays from most of these columns, and only exclude holidays...
  14. D

    Creating a map in excel with conditional formating

    I am a construction engineer and i think to visually record progress thematic charts might be a good idea. The monitoring part includes major activities like excavation concreting etc and I want to show them on the map + carry out some insightful informations.Is it possible in excel or shoul I...
  15. L

    Basic Question - Excel Macro how to Define Range in For, Next

    I have some code that I run and a part of it says: Do While OX > 0 For g = 08, 11, 14, 17, 20 . . . Next g So I'm getting an error at the "For g" row because I'm sure I have the construction wrong. So how can I define this range so that it steps through (first g = 8, then at the "next g" it...
  16. H

    Estimating Sheet

    I have a sheet "EQ Labor" in Col A an Equip ID is given by name: Chillers AHU's the list...

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