1. rediffusion

    Context Menu

    Hi all! Found the script "VBA" which is a little tweaked to fit your needs: Sub Special_note() Dim myComm As Comment If Not ActiveCell.Comment Is Nothing Then If MsgBox("The cell already contains a note, delete?", 4) - 7 Then ActiveCell.Comment.Delete Else: Exit Sub End...
  2. Momentman

    Grey out/Disable "Unhide All" control of right click menu

    I created a userform to Unhide multiple sheets in excel, and i added the Macro to display the userform to the right click menu of the sheet tabs What i want to have is the "Unhide All" button greyed out when there are no hidden sheets and enabled/active when there are hidden sheets. A context...
  3. F

    Context help on custom formulas

    I have four custom formulas that I use a lot. Countcellcolor, Countfontcolor, Sumcellcolor and Sumfontcolor. Co-workers would also like to use it, but they always ask me what the input format is. I would like to add details to the functions so that they can use it independently.</SPAN> Is there...
  4. B

    Customised ContextMenus Not Working in 2007

    Hi, I've recently customised some of the contextmenus within Excel (2003), including the Cell and Query menus. This is working fantastically well, giving some better functionality. I've saved the workbook as an Add-In. I need to use the same code within Excel 2007 as well. The Add-In is there...

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