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    Accumualted Totals when input on different sheet changes

    I am tracking hours and calculating paid leave based on the total hours worked from the beginning of the year. Looking for an automated way to calculate accumulated totals from a continuously changing input from a different sheet (or same sheet). I have a "Clear All" button to clear all input...
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    How to plot chart by showing continuous month data

    Hi All, Please see data below. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Employee # Employee Name Designation Senior/Junior Allocation Start Date Allocation End Date 123 ABC Engineer J 1-Apr-14 456 DEF Engineer J 1-Apr-14 789 GHI Manager J 1-Apr-14 112 JKL manager...
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    how to jump out of a continuously running process?

    I have an application that reads a digital volt meter that I want to work in 2 modes. In one mode, I want it to continuously read the DVM and display the voltage on screen. In the other mode, I want the application to only read the DVM when I press a button. I don't see how to switch from the...

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