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    How can I apply scatter data on top of a surface contour?

    Hello everyone, I have some data that were created from a sensitivity analysis and which I plotted in a surface contour graph. Additionally I would like to apply some scatter data (from experimental values) on top of the contour surface in order to show where do these experimental values...
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    2D wireframe countour plot in excel

    Hi, how do I make a 2D wireframe contour plot in excel? I have the data tabulated as: (X,Y,R,theta), where R is the value at point (X,Y) and at theta degrees from the X-axis. Thank you :)
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    contour (surface) chart and gradient series colors

    OK, complicated question. I'm trying to create a contour plot (one of the 2D surface charts) that shows a gradient of colors in the plot. As in, I want 100 different colors used in the plot area. BUT... I only want 10 basic colors shown in the legend as a reference. I got the 10 colors in the...

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