1. P

    Calculating IF formula for Tax & NI Deductions..

    Hi All, Any help is appreciated, I've been playing about with this trying to get the formulas right, assuming an IF formula, but not sure how to separate if it requires an answer between a certain range. For example, I'm trying to write cell formulas so whatever Gross income is entered it...
  2. Joe4

    Chip Pearson's Numerous Contributions to Excel

    In Memoriam of Chip Pearson, and all the wonderful contributions he has made to the Excel Community, we are posting a link to his web site, that has too numerous excellent Excel solutions to identify individually. Here is a link to the Index on his site, where one can easily search the hundreds...
  3. N

    If this and that!

    Hi All, been racking my brains on this one, looked at loads of examples. I think I just do not understand the structure of combining the if and or statements as I have written it down and it makes sense to me. :laugh: Basically I am working out employer Pension contributions. The formula in my...
  4. K

    XIRR returns 0.00% instead of a negative percentage

    Hi, I'm running a savings scenario where the ending value of my investment ends up being less than the total contributions based on monthly returns during a down market period, but the XIRR is returning a 0.00% instead of a negative percentage. In other periods, when the ending value is...

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