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    Please explain Control Toolbox

    I notice there are two Control Toolboxes. One for forms and one for ActiveX. For example, what is the difference between the ComboBox tool in the Forms Control and the ComboBox in the ActiveX?
  2. G

    Using "cuadro de controles" in spreadsheets

    Dear Sirs. I saw a very great spreadsheet that came with some "cuadros de control" in it. They were very helpfull for people that have to manage the spreadsheet and choose between options without having to learn how it realy works. These "cuadros de control" work very well because you can only...
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    Excel Sliders

    Can you create sliders in Excel 2007? If so can anyone give me directions? Thank you!
  4. Z

    Mysterious Buttons & Drop Down Lists!!!

    I have some buttons/drop down lists created by the Control Toolbox in my excel spreadsheet. I have 2 computers at work and I'm running Excel 2003 1) on a PC, 2) on a Mac (using a windows emmulator - VMWare) Everytime I press a button on my spreadsheet on the Mac, the text in the button, or the...
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    Using option buttons to direct vlookup at the correct table

    I have 2 vlookup tables (A1:B2) and (A4:B5). The values in each cell are as follows: A1=Male A2=Female B1=Man B2=Woman A4=Male A5=Female B4=Bull B5=Cow Cell A7 is where i will paste either the text "Male" or "Female" into. Cell A8 is where i wish to see the result displayed. Question: How do...

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