1. Roderick_E

    Slicer Scroll to selected

    So, if you have one slicer that controls another, is it possible to force the dependent slicer to scroll to the selection? It looks like someone tried an answer previously: EXAMPLE...
  2. M

    Price/volume effects by customer groups

    Hello I need to calculate price / volume / mix effects between year N and N+1, but by customer groups. So by customer it is very easy to have each effect: Price = (Price N+1 - Price N) * Volume N Volume = (Volume N+1 - Volume N) * Price N Mix = (Price N+1 - Price N) * (Volume N+1 - Volume N)...
  3. M

    Force Pivot to display no data

    My team inherited a pivot that does this. Workbook uses multiple SQL statements to populate multiple pivots on multiple tabs. The pivots are linked using slicercache. The "controlling" pivot has a larger list than the destination pivot. On the original/unmodified workbook, when the...
  4. S

    Controlling non-Microsoft Applications

    Is it possible to control non-Microsoft applications with VBA in Excel? I want to copy and paste a string to a Instant Messenger app and send it...any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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