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    List data instead of value

    Good evening all! I'm trying to do something which I would have thought easy, but I simply cannot figure out or find the vba syntax. I have a combobox with a ControlSource to a particular cell. What I want is for the text from the item selected in the combobox to go into the controlsource cell...
  2. B

    ControlSource property produces error "Exception occurred"

    Hi forum, Encouraged by a solution provided here a couple of days ago I now present a new challenge in the same giant workbook of mine: The controlSource property of any of my textboxes and combo boxes in a user form produces and "Excepion occurred", preventing the user from giving and storing...
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    How do I assign "ControlSource" = variable "adr"

    In a combo box in a userform, I want the selection to go into the next available cell in a column , which is the variable adr. So I'm expecting something like with frmProductList ControlSource = adr or maybe ControlSource.value = adr or maybe ??? Private Sub cmdAddPart_Click() Dim...
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    controlsource property problem

    Hello, I am writing a program in VBA which is based on forms with a variety of textboxes, command buttons, and other controls. I have used the controlsrouce property, programatically, to establish a two way relationship between an individual cell and an individual textbox on my form. It...

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