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    Converting date as string to a number using VBA

    Many thanks in advance for your time and help . . . I have a simple user form where the date of an office visit is entered (as mm/dd/yy in OVDateTextBox) and the difference between that date and today's date is calculated. I am trying to build in protection against user entry errors where a...
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    Convert Text 01.03.2015 to Date 03/01/2015

    Hello All -- I receive a daily file with dates formated as "general" with DD.MM.YYYY, but want to see MM/DD/YYYY Ultimately, I am trying to Convert Text 01.03.2015 to Date 03/01/2015. I tried to format cells as "date" but unsuccessful. I also tried other things like replace all . with / ...
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    Help with imported data from ERP system - issues with leading zeros, text to date

    I just started at a new company and am having issues using the information I have pulled from our ERP system (SyteLine, which uses a SQL back end) into excel. The problem is the formatting of our sku's... there is no common part number format across all of our product lines. Some start...
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    Convert Number (YYMMDD) to the actual date indicated.

    Down loading data I receive dates as a number that indicates YYMMDD (ex. 130603 is 03 JUN 13). Is there an easy way to convert these number strings to the actual date indicated other than typing it in?
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    Cnverting text date into Excell date

    Hi, I have a cell filled with date in a text format like "May 8 2011" or "Jun 6 2008" and need to convert them into excel cell date format such as "05/08/11" or "06/06/08". Unfortunately the lookup function work only for data sorted in ascending order. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Convert dates mm/dd/yyyy to TEXT mmyyyy

    Hi, I have a date column formatted mm/dd/yyyy which needs to be converted to mmyyyy in TEXT format. I can change date format to mmyyyy, but when I attempt to convert to text it reverts back to original date format of mm/dd/yyyy. Any suggestions? Many thanks, TC

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