copy and paste cell

  1. B

    Add data validation list to cell in column A if data in column B

    Hi. I have a sheet titled "Combined" with data beginning in column B. I've been trying to come up with a macro that would add a validation list to cell A2 and then copy it down only to those rows that have data in column B. I can't get it to copy down, unfortunately. Below is the little code...
  2. T

    Macro to change various strings to a new string and past it in an adjacent column

    I would like a macro to search a column (F2 down to the end), find a collections of strings that I will hard code into the macro and covert the strings to another string and paste them next to association string in another column. If we start with D2 and search down for R.N, R.N. VA, and RN CA...
  3. D

    Extract email address from one cell and put the address into another cell

    Hello - I have a spreadsheet where column A is a paragraph of text such as: sent to: received from: Text here.... or sometimes the cell has contents such as: sent to: xxx@ourcompanycom received from: Hello, I am looking for.. and so on. Looking for...
  4. Norm Shea

    Macro help - Showing my newbieness

    I'm trying to write a macro and I'm having a little trouble. This is the data I have. It starts out with a reading number in B2 followed by a depth in B3, then a reading number in B4, depth in B5, etc. Easting Northing 976 2,277,532.23...
  5. K

    Copying cells from one sheet to multiple sheet and naming the sheet as the copy text.

    I want to do a loop where you can copy say A3 worksheet 1 then add another sheet naming the work sheet "A3" then copying A3 worksheet 1 to A1 "A3". After that looping to A4 to a new work sheet naming the work sheet "A4"copying the value to A1 "A4", etc... Is there a simply way of doing this...
  6. T

    Macro - Find text and copy and paste cell below - loop in row

    hello good people, please help me. my problem is: Let´s say sheet - "delivery" - has a row1 that includes all possible delivery days. So A1 is 1.9.2013, B1 is 15.9.2013, C1 is 1.10.2013 and so on. I want to make a macro, that will gradually go through whole row 3 in sheet "delivery" and look...
  7. N

    complex arrays multiple sheets

    Good afternoon, I am struggling to understand arrays. I have read many articles in this forum and in others but I can't seem to get a handle on them. What I am trying to do seems simple. I have 3 sheets, sheet 1 has a week column 4 data points columns, sheet 2 and 3 have charts. I need...
  8. D

    Copying values from one column and inserting below the values of another

    Dear forum users, I have a large data set in excel; 184 rows per column and roughly 569 columns. I want to copy the cells from column C and paste these below the values in column B with no gap. I then wish to copy cells from column D and place them below the column C values in Column B. I am...
  9. L

    Check value/paste value

    Hello! I'm a little bit frustrated because this macro is not working. Good thing is that I'm not receiving an error message but it is not working. I need to change the cell value of the information of Sheet 1 to the cell value of a conversion table at Sheet 2. Sub ChangeName() Dim h As...
  10. D

    Finding, then copying to a new spreadsheet

    Hey, guys, I am a complete spreadsheet newb, but as i've just started my own business i have been thrown into the spreadsheet gauntlet. I have a manufacturer product list on spreadsheet with everything the manufacturer produces. I am only interested in certain products called "Eco-Nique...
  11. A

    Dynamic Cell Row and choose certain columns to Paste into a diff. ws or wb

    I am searching for data which I just entered via INPUTBOX. Searches for Data within Range(G7 and CA10000) If the data is found then it copies that cellrow and range of Columns H thru K and Column S and Columns AC thru BZ into a diff. Worksheet or Workbook (Haven't Decided). If this data...
  12. V

    Macro that searches different excel file, searches and copies whatever is in a certain c

    Hey everyone, I am new to visual basic and I have been trying to figure something out for a while now. Pretty much, I need to create a macro in excel that will search a different excel file for anything that matches a certain criteria, copies whatever the value is in the column c, and paste it...

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