copy and paste cells.

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    Copying and not pasting

    Hi. What can I do if I am trying to copy a group of cells from one document to another but it doesn't paste the group of cells into the other document? It works sometimes where the cells will copy and paste perfectly, but sometimes they will copy but not paste and I get nothing on the other...
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    Macro to Copy Paste Values from a Drop Down List to Mulitple Ranges

    I am wanting to construct a Purchase Order template in excel - by selecting on a machine model from a drop down list (there are multiple models), I would like to copy in a standard set of accessories and costings associated with the model. The Purchase Order may have multiple purchases so I have...
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    Copying data from several sheets into different workbook

    Hi all, I'm struggling with some basic VBA. I would like a macro which can copy data from up to 12 sheets into a different workbook. I have made a workbook called: "Copyark.xls" with two sheets: "Input" and "Output". The "Input"-sheet contains the macro I would like some help with + The...

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