copy cells

  1. O

    Copied rows automatically update each time another row is added. How to change this?

    Hi all, Is there any way to change this code so, each time I need to make a change to a row, when I double click column H (H4:H2000), it only updates the column I have double clicked. For example, if I have input data for 30 rows in sheet 1 (checklist) and copied them all over to sheet 2...
  2. L

    Copying two specific cells in a row in one sheets based on a criteria, into another sheet

    Hi, I am new to vba and would really be grateful for any help please. I would like to copy 2 cells, from a spreadsheet with many rows, based on a criteria on another cell on the same row, into a new worksheet, on the next available row. Then i would like the cursor to come back on the new...
  3. P

    Need to copy cells after last used cell in same column based on the value of the cell in the adjacent column on the right

    Hi, I need to duplicate values in a column based on the value of the cell to the right of it, for example if the Quantity column is 1 then no values are duplicated, if the quantity is 2 then the cell to the left (the salary) is copied and pasted at the end of the salary column once, if the...
  4. T

    Select Cells based on crieteria from another worksheet

    Hi All, I have a xcl spreadsheet which has two worksheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2). Sheet1 has three columns (A, B, C). Sheet2 has 6 columns (A,B,C,D,E,F). What I am trying to achieve is as follows If Sheet1!A2 matches the contents of a cell in Sheet 2 column A then copy the values from Sheet2...
  5. R

    VBA – copy rows of data from specified worksheets

    Hello, I have a workbook that contains logistics plans for several events. Each event has its own worksheet. I would like all data from selected event logistics plan copied into an ALL DATA worksheet. The workbook is structured as follows with these worksheets: ACTIVE EVENTS (contains a list...
  6. D

    Copy rows from multiple sheets into a master sheet

    Hi all, I am new here - and relatively new in XL programming. - I have a workbook with 43 different tabs. - Each Tab contains a table with same headers i.e. : Tab1: row 5 : A5: Header1 B5: Header2 C5: Header3 D5: Header4 Tab2: row5: A5: Header1 B5: Header2 C5...
  7. K

    Copy cell only is value is not N/A

    Hey guys, I am trying to write a macro that will copy all the cells in a column only if the values are not N/A. For example in column A I have, Data Data n/a Data Data Data n/a Data I would like to copy the 6 cells (example only, could be 6 or 8 or more or less) that have data and paste it...
  8. M

    VBA Button to Copy Range of Cells and Save AS

    Hey Everyone, I have been trying to figure out how to make a button that will copy specific rows (A6:L6 and down) from "Optimization Ticket". This sheet could have 5 rows filled in or 50 rows filled in. These rows will land in "Process Ticket" starting at cell A2. This is what I have so...
  9. andrewb90

    Copying cells with VBA

    Hello all, I tried using the macro recorder for this, but only got partially what I wanted. Here's my code: Sub test222() Range("D6:D23").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("test zone").Select Range("C5").Select Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone...
  10. K

    Copy visible cells as text (without formatting)

    Hi Guys I've encountered a problem which seemed fairly easy to resolve and has now resulted in me tearing my hair out! I have a worksheet which hides and shows cells based on user input, fairly simple, lots of code, but works well. At the bottom of the worksheet there is a button to "Copy...
  11. M

    Copy Specific Cells from one sheet to the bottom of another .

    Hi all, I am very new in working with VBA, so please have patience with me. I am working at a project which I need to copy specific cells from one sheet (the master sheet) into another sheet (upload sheet). The cells I need to copy from the "master sheet" need to be copied to the "upload...
  12. B

    Copy cells and put them into columns

    in sheet1, I have a column A, where it contains several groups of data (in number format), and each group start with a cell that has this Group's name (text), I wanna to be able to copy groups (including group name and data) based on desirable group names. Each group has different number of...
  13. A

    Open another workbook, make an edit, save and close that workbook - Loop this with multiple books

    Hello, I have lets say 5 filepaths in J1 to J5. I would like a VBA code that firstly opens a file based on that file path printed in J1 then copies b1 to a1 in that workbook, saves it and closes it. Then repeats for J2 file path and so on and so forth. Thank you in advance!
  14. W

    P6 export into Excel, needs duplicate activities removed and resources copied to new columns

    Anyone that has used Primavera and exported the activities and resources into excel has witnessed the issue on how P6 exports the data. If an activity has multiple resources, the export will have the same number of activities (duplicate lines to match the number of resource assignments. I'm...
  15. M

    VBA - date comparison and copy

    This is my first post so please have patience with me. I have a work book with 4 tabs: Pivot Summary, Imported Data, Missed Job Data and Yesterday. I import data from an external source to the Imported Data tab. Then refresh data on a pivot table via the Pivot Summary sheet. On the Pivot...
  16. S

    How can one copy a block of active cells using "=" and retain "true blanks"?

    Hi, I am trying to create a "template" by having one sheet capture external "raw data" of varying length and information position (I cut and paste it in). From there, I have another sheet that tries to bring forward the relevant block of cells from the "RAW DATA". I need tight space and...
  17. F

    Copy cells to textbox or label in userform

    Hi I am not very experienced in VBA. It's just a simple thing, but somehow I cannot get it to work. I want to copy all cells that are not empty from Column A to a textbox or a label in a userform. Thanks for your help
  18. R

    Copy selected cells to next page and paste in a different order!

    Hi there, I am having real trouble with something and I am now losing the will to live. Hopefully, a kind person out there will be able to help. In a nutshell: I need to copy certain cells from a row in the sheet called "Prices" into the next row (that doesn't contain data) in the sheet...
  19. B

    Copy cells

    I am trying to copy cells in a non sequential order: For Example, I have the following sheet: In Sheet 1, I have A B C D 1 A 2 B 3 C In Sheet 2, I have A 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 I am trying to create in Sheet 1 a formula that allows me to have this result: A B C D 1 A 1...
  20. K

    Copying Data

    I swear this worked at one point but now gives a '1004' runtime error. What I am trying to accomplish is have the user display a line of data on a userform, modify it, then write it back to another sheet in the workbook. My code: Sub WriteData() Dim target As Long ActiveScreenUpdating =...

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