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  1. J

    Merging worksheets from one Workbook into another Workbook

    I have a Workbook with 6 sheets and a lot of code behind which I have installed on a couple of PC's as standalone. In developing the s/w further I need to merge a new worksheet and the code behind it with the original Workbooks. I know I can copy worksheets from one Workbook to another but this...
  2. pedie

    Need help in copying info when 2 critirias are met.

    Hi, I need a code that will run from book1 but copy info from book2.sheet1 if 2 critirias are met. Critiria one = "Word1", This will located in col F so if word1 matches the word in col F then sesize 3 and copy to book1.sheet1 "B".rows.count).end(xlup).offset(1) Critiria 2 =...

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